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Couponing For A Cause – Turning Good Deals Into Donations

Coupons for a cause turning deals into donations

I love being able to walk to my pantry or medicine closet and fill a box with food or toiletries for someone in need! If you follow me regularly (or know me personally), you know that we are not people of wealth! We are only able to generously share these things with people as a result of my coupon-clipping deal-discovering penny-pinching couponing!

If you’re looking for a way to give to others but find yourself lacking the resources, try your hand at coupons! The toothpaste and toothbrushes pictured above are headed to 10 orphaned girls that our Sunday School class adopted. Those items would have cost at least $45 regular price…I paid $16 total – around $.80 each. Groceries are just as cheap – things like pasta, condiments and cereal often cost nothing or less than a quarter! If you added one or two of those “less than a dollar” deals to your weekly shopping trip, you could have a great stockpile of things to share in no time!

Outside of the obvious places like food pantries, there are others who would appreciate a box of pantry staples or toiletries:

  • Newlyweds setting up house
  • Missionaries or evangelistic teams
  • Children living in a group home
  • College students
  • Elderly church members living on a strict budget

As a bonus…cashiers are much more willing to scan 10 toothpaste coupons when you share your intentions for the items! 🙂

Have you considered donating coupon deals? I’d love to hear your ideas!


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