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High Five For America!

Happy Independence Day! If you are privileged to live in the United States, I hope you’ll take a moment today to be grateful for the freedom we enjoy in this great country! Here’s a look at some fun things from my week…

Independence Day H54F1. I love July 4th! Today Paul and I are meeting my parents for lunch in North Carolina. It’s not quite “purple mountain majesties,” but I’ll settle for the Blue Ridge mountains. 🙂

2. A few weeks ago I picked up this new hot fudge topping from Smuckers….it is seriously the best hot fudge sauce I’ve ever purchased in-store! You microwave it for about 30 seconds, give it a stir, and then try to keep from eating it straight off the spoon before drizzling it on your ice cream. It doesn’t harden when it touches the ice cream – it stays melty and perfect just like the hot fudge sauce on McDonald’s sundaes. Seriously y’all. It’s wonderful.

3. I set the empty Goldfish box on the floor so I could break it down for the trash. Two seconds later, Peggy was inside the box, taking a bath. Is there anything cuter than a cat in a box labeled “Goldfish,” licking her lips?! Haha!

4. Last week I mentioned my need for a denim vest…and this week I found it (also my first ever dressing room selfie)! It was only $12 at Plato’s Closet! As I predicted, it’s perfect with several of my sundresses and is part of my July 4th outfit today. Score!

5. Can anyone else identify with this one? The photo album on my phone is loaded with screen shots of hilarious text conversations with my sister. Maybe one day NBC will sign us for their fall lineup! 🙂

I hope you have a lovely holiday weekend! God Bless America!



10 thoughts on “High Five For America!

  1. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog! I love all your helpful tips on staying organized…and your recipes! Happy Independence Day!


  2. I just found your blog through the linkup and I’m so glad I did! I will have to try that Smuckers chocolate sauce….looks yummy! And I’ve been wanting a denim vest, but have been nervous to branch out. ha ha. Looks great on you! I am looking forward to following along with your blog! Have a great July 4th weekend!!! 🙂


  3. You had me at “just like McDonald’s Hot Fudge Sauce” – I love that stuff so I can’t wait to try out this Smucker’s version. Love your vest and hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


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