Organizing in the MAN CAVE

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Today is my husband’s birthday! Instead of writing a long post detailing my deep love and admiration for him (which I totally could do), I am bringing you a post about an organizing project I did for him. ๐Ÿ™‚ Paul isn’t a messy slob of a man. He’s actually much neater and minimalistic than I am. However, every organized space requires maintenance! The other day I noticed the bookshelf in Paul’s MAN CAVE was a little out of hand.

I feel like I need to capitalize MAN CAVE so you understand how manly of a space it is. There are no “Come Home For Comfort” decorative touches. It’s a room reminiscent of his apartment from his bachelor days. TV’s, X-box, guns and sports equipment live there. Paul’sย wallet, scraps of paper, pens, extra cash and whatever gun he was carrying that day all end up on the main bookshelf in this room. It was a mess. I forsook my usual rules of organizing and went with a different set of rules for this space:

  1. I left things as close to their original spot as possible. He has those things there for a reason.
  2. I made space to display things that were important to him.
  3. I did this project when he was not at home, saving him from feeling judged or having his space invaded.

Organizing The Man Cave

I only removed two Verizon bags (and placed the contents in a container), a random hotel washcloth, a box of Puffs and that huge bottle neck cup. I brought in two containers, a letter sorter and a plastic cup to hold his pens. Organizing something in the MAN CAVE doesn’t have to be an overwhelming project – especially when the goal is simply to make your man’s life a little easier.

Upon first glance of the newly organized space, he said, “Hey! You messed up my shelf!” Sound familiar? ๐Ÿ™‚ Once I reassured him that I hadn’t really changed much, he approved.

Have you braved an unorganized area in the MAN CAVE and lived to tell the tale? ๐Ÿ™‚


4 thoughts on “Organizing in the MAN CAVE

  1. Good for you – it looks great! Not much different, but still more organized. I bet he liked it! Anytime I try to organize my husband’s office it doesn’t go well. ha ha! I try to throw things away, and he wants to hang on to them. He’s a pack rat through and through, while I can’t stand clutter. I guess we balance each other out!


  2. I had to chuckle over this post. My hubs and I share bookcases upstairs in his man cave/play area for the grands. My shelves are very much “done” Southern Living Style. I have knick knacks among the books along with some books laying down and some standing up. Well DH informed me that all books should be placed on the shelves just like library books. Well after he did his decorating, I did add a few photos and keepsakes to his shelf and he did not complain but I am never to touch his books!lol


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