Creative Organizing Solutions

Creative Organizing Solutions Come Home For Comfort

Creating functional organization systems always takes a bit of imagination. Every organizing project is different! I tackled a particularly tricky project of organizing the extra decorative items that aren’t currently on display in my home. I like to change out the decor in various spots around my house at least once or twice seasonally, so I needed a space that was easy to access while still looking neat and uncluttered.

After almost two years of unsuccessful systems, I finally got it together! This system doesn’t work with carefully labeled bins, because the contents are always changing. Here’s the shelf in my office that holds most of my extra items for home decor. I lined the shelves with coordinating place mats and table runners that I had on hand. It really softens the shelf and makes it easier to pull things off the racks.

Decor Storage Come Home For Comfort

I had quite a few small pieces that never fit on that shelf – extra candles, floral pieces and small vases. Those all went into the hanging shoe organizer you see in the picture at the beginning of the post. I love having all those things safely tucked away in the closet where they won’t get crushed or broken.

Do you have a room or space that’s been tricky to organize? Get creative and let your imagination work for you!

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9 thoughts on “Creative Organizing Solutions

    1. It made decorating for fall so much easier – even though my fall things are stored in tubs, I could put away extra decor I didn’t need or pull items to supplement the fall stuff without opening any boxes. Thanks, Katie!


  1. HI beautiful Whitney, I love organizing too (and I also love my Lord!) I have boxes in the basement labelled with each season for decorations – well the four main seasons anyway. Then I have door wreaths (winter, spring, flag, summer, late summer, fall, and Christmas) each stored two to a box with the labels of what is in them. I also have clear boxes with artificial flowers stored for my outside flowerpot on the porch that gets changed seasonally. I like your system too. blessings, Amy


  2. I have shelves just like this and I was bemoaning how difficult they are to deal with just an hour ago. I LOVE the placemat idea – thanks! 🙂


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