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High Five For A Decade of Good Times!

This coming Monday is a slightly monumental day in my life. I’ll be saying goodbye to my twenties and hello to my thirties! Please forgive me if this seems like a selfish post, but I thought in the spirit of my normal Friday posts I’d give a big old “high five” to my twenties. Here are the things that stand out the most from the past ten years:

High Five For The Twenties Come Home For Comfort

1. Graduating From College

I’ve enjoyed post-college life SO much more than I enjoyed the college experience. I did receive a great education, but I’m so glad that’s over. I graduated 4 months before my 22nd birthday, so my 20’s have been mostly college-free. (My dad received his masters when I got my undergrad degree, that’s why he’s in a cap and gown)

2. Starting My First Job

I couldn’t have asked for a better first job experience. I worked with some of the kindest, most generous people in the world, made some life-long friends and learned many skills that will aid me the rest of my life. It also meant moving to South Carolina, which led to several other really good things I might not have experienced living somewhere else.

3. Attending A Ton of Southern Gospel Concerts

Southern Gospel music has always been a huge part of my life. I have always said I believe it’s the music of Heaven! This music speaks to my heart in a special way. I’ve had so much fun traveling around the Southeast with friends and family, worshiping and enjoying good music.


One of the best things about the four years I was single – and probably where most of my spending money went! #redneck

5. Marrying Paul Curtis! (These are in chronological order, btw!)

Definitely the best part of my twenties was going on a date with my long time crush and marrying him ten months later! Ain’t God good. 🙂

6. Being Married to Paul Curtis!

What can I say? Marriage is great!

7. Buying Our House

I have enjoyed setting up house in this little brick ranch more than I can describe. A housewife’s life for me!

8. Spending Time With Alli

When my sister was in college, we spent at least one night a week hanging out together. Then she moved in with us for a year and a half! I’m so thankful that we were able to spend time together even after I moved away from home!

9. Adopting The Kitties

Can’t leave them out!

 The past ten years have been such a great time of growing and experiencing fun things, but most of all I have seen God at work in my life in a tremendous way. Every good gift is from Him! His grace has brought me safe thus far and His grace will lead me on!

If you made it this far, thanks for reading! 🙂

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Have a lovely weekend!

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17 thoughts on “High Five For A Decade of Good Times!

  1. aww what a fun post! Glad I was part of your 20’s decade. Let’s plan a few more memories for your 30’s decade! 🙂 Love you and love reading your blog.


  2. Sounds like your 20s were good to you!! It’ll be exciting to see what the next ten years have in store for your family. I always love these nostalgic posts. Helps me to get to know you better 🙂


  3. God is so very good! I love these memories from your last decade. That pic of you and Als is my favorite of all times! Your house is so lovely. You’ve done a great job turning into a cozy retreat. So happy for you and Paul to share it together as you head into your 30’s and find all kinds of other blessings of walking with Christ!


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