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Ingles Grocery Haul – How To Save Without Using Coupons

I have another money-saving post today! I love grocery shopping – and I love being able to buy good food at the lowest possible price. Each week I carefully plan my shopping list on Southern Savers, print the coupons I need and head to the store with my coupon binder.

Today I’m sharing everything I bought in this week’s trip to Ingles, including the final cost for the items. Can you believe I got all this for just over $50?

Ingles Grocery Haul Saving Money Come Home For Comfort

  • 1 Loaf Laura Lynn Whole Wheat Bread: $1.67
  • 2 Boxes Cheerios: On sale for $1.88 – used 2 ($.50/1) coupons that doubled – final price $.88/each
  • Ritz Crackers: On sale for $1.98
  • 2 Pillsbury Cake Mixes: On sale for $1 each
  • 2 Boxes Mueller’s Pasta: On sale for $1 each – used 2 ($.75/1) coupons – final price $.25/each
  • 1 Jar Bertolli Alfredo Sauce: On sale for $1.44
  • 3 Jars Peter Pan Peanut Butter: On sale for $1.50 each
  • 1 Can Laura Lynn (store brand) Creamed Corn: On sale for $.50
  • 1 Can Laura Lynn Diced Tomatoes: On sale for $.87
  • 2 Bottles Old Orchard Apple Juice: On sale for $1.50 – used 2 ($.50/1) coupons that doubled – final price $.50/each
  • 2 Cans Laura Lynn Chicken Breast Meat: On sale for $1 each
  • 2 Bottles Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce: On sale for $.99/each – used 1 ($1/2) coupon – final price $.50/each
  • 1 Can Hunts Tomatoes: On sale for $1
  • 1 Large Can Lucks Pinto Beans: On sale for $1 (like buying the regular size cans for $.50/each)
  • 1 Package Margarine: $1
  • 1 Gallon Laura Lynn Milk: $3.92
  • Laura Lynn Sliced Cheese: $.99
  • 2 Boxes Angel Soft Facial Tissue: On sale for $1/each – used 2 ($.50/1) coupons that doubled – final price FREE
  • 1 Package Pork Steaks: “Must sell today” price $2.18/lb – final price $5.36
  • 2 Packages Hot Dogs: On sale for $1/each
  • 1 Package Chicken Leg Quarters: “Must sell today” price $1.18/lb – final price $3.63
  • 1 Package Butterball Turkey Sausage Rope: On sale for $2.58
  • 1 Package Fresh Express Lettuce: On sale for $2
  • 1 Package Campari Tomatoes: “Produce Manager Special” for $1.49
  • 6 lbs Gala Apples: $6

Store Savings: $31.02

Coupon Savings: $8.50

Final Price: $51.21

As you can see, I saved over $30 without using a single coupon! I do this by only purchasing items that are reduced 40% or more from their regular price. Adding a coupon to those sales just makes the deal sweeter (like getting juice for $.50 and tissues for free!).

If you’re interested in learning more about saving money groceries, check out my series “Saving Money On Groceries.” I’m always happy to answer any specific questions you have on this topic – just leave a comment or email me! I’d also love it if you’d let me know whether you’re interested in seeing these types of “grocery haul” posts in the future. I know not everyone is a grocery nerd like me, so please let me know what you think. Thanks!

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7 thoughts on “Ingles Grocery Haul – How To Save Without Using Coupons

  1. I love your haul, and I’d love to feature you in my blog. I’m including your haul picture and information about how much you spent etc. If you object then of course I will remove it!


  2. Great haul!! I’d love to read a post on how you navigate Southern Savers – where do you start when you go to the site? Do you go to printables? Do you start with the store you plan to go to? How do you incorporate the deals listed in the feed with your list planning? Do you look at the store then the weekly ad and then their extra deals? I’m super intrigued by all the information on the site, but have found it all a bit overwhelming. Thanks!!


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