Pumpkin Pancakes From The Pendell Test Kitchen

Yesterday I wanted a recipe for pumpkin pancakes using a baking mix…so I entered those words into the Pinterest search box and ended up with hundreds of recipes. When I use a random recipe from Pinterest – if it’s not from Paula Deen, Martha Stewart or a blog I regularly follow – I look at the comments to see what others thought of the recipe. I want to know that the recipe has been tested and found successful by a few other people than just the blog author.

I ended up going to the manufacturer’s website and using a recipe specifically for that brand of baking mix (I made these pumpkin pancakes using Krusteaz brand mix).

However, if you’re looking for a recipe for made from scratch pumpkin pancakes, I have one for you! Here’s my recipe that I’ve been using for many years now, with great success. It has the Pendell Test Kitchen stamp of approval! Click below to view the recipe.


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