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High Five For Friday!

 Happy Friday! Be sure and stick around for the end of the post…I have a fun announcement to share!

1. Thanksgiving is next week! I’m looking forward to taking the day to reflect on God’s goodness, spend time with family, and EAT! 🙂

We heard there was pecan pie

2. I love wearing dark colors on my nails during the fall and winter. Lately I’ve been loving OPI’s “In the cable carpool lane.” It’s a lovely deep plum that works with so many colors. This week I wore the Sally Hansen Diamond Shine topcoat over it, and was really pleased with how long it stayed shiny and chip-free! Here it is after 3 days of wear:

OPI In the cable carpool line shot Come Home For Comfort

3. Earlier this week I had the privilege of sharing the couch with both kitties. This is pretty rare anymore – gone are the days when I could hold them both in my lap, so I enjoyed this moment! Yes, Peggy has her paw around my legs. Yes, Thelma Lou always has that cat look of condescension. They’re so funny.

snuggle sesh with kitties

4. I came home late last night from work and a subsequent hair appointment to find my husband pulling supper out of the oven (completely of his own accord). It was the best frozen pizza I’ve had in a long time! The dishwasher was empty and all the dishes put away. Isn’t that sweet? ❤ I’ve learned to accept help from my spouse. It’s a good thing!

5. Here’s my fun announcement…on Monday I’m giving away a gorgeous designer wallet like one of these! Be sure to come back and enter the giveaway!

Lola Blue Wallets Come Home For Comfort

Have a lovely weekend! 

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18 thoughts on “High Five For Friday!

  1. I love that little chipmunk picture 🙂 I also love your dark nails. It’s been forever since I’ve painted mine and I think the change would be nice. Hope you have a great weekend and are getting excited to host Thanksgiving. I know it’ll go great!!


  2. Good to have you back, giving us the latest happenings in your life. Bless Paul for all his loving efforts in the good husband category. The cats look contented, so they must have adjusted to having the house to themselves all day. Have a great Thanksgiving!


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