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Magazine Inspiration! {H54F}

Magazine Inspiration

It’s Friday! My favorite thing about the weekend is having extra time at home. I love having time to work in my house – whether it’s doing normal house work or fun decorating projects. I find so much inspiration for those things in the glossy pages of magazines. Recipes, tips for organizing and even step by step instructions on how to decorate your coffee table – magazines have it all! Here are the ones I’ve been loving lately:

  1. Southern Living – What’s not to love? I always find a good recipe or an interesting story in SL.
  2. Better Homes and Gardens – I love how they feature so many bloggers in each issue.
  3. HGTV Magazine – I just discovered this one a few months ago and absolutely love it!
  4. The Cottage Journal – 4 issues a year, but each one is packed with cozy ideas for your home.
  5. Martha Stewart Living – I love the organization tips and ideas in each issue.

As a side note – I never buy a magazine off the stand or pay full price for a subscription. Sometimes shares promotions that enable you to receive BHG or MSL at absolutely no cost. Last year on Cyber Monday I got a deal (discovered on Southern Savers) where I paid $12 and got 12 month subscriptions to 3 different magazines ($4 each). For me, magazines are a cheap hobby!

Do you enjoy finding inspiration in magazines? Is your favorite one that I didn’t mention?

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7 thoughts on “Magazine Inspiration! {H54F}

  1. My husband just cashed in some credit card rewards points for magazine subscriptions and it’s been fun to have a mailbox full of magazines again. I’d kind of given them up for a while. I’m loving Cooking Light, Parents and Southern Living. Can’t wait to try some new recipes. Glad you found such great deals for your fun hobby 🙂


  2. I used to subscribe to several magazines, but after I started homeschooling & then had a second child thrown in, I found that I never finished them. Sometimes I don’t even look at them. I still get a few free ones, my favorite of which is the Lowe’s Creative Designs one. On Cyber Monday I subscribed to Charleston Magazine and I am LOVING it. I’m still having trouble getting through it because it’s such a think magazine. 🙂


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