Big Sister Survival Kit

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I love my sister dearly, but I remember the somewhat rough transition from being the only child to being the big sister 23 years ago. Don’t worry, I’m over it now. Ha!

As a member of our family prepared to welcome a new baby this summer, my mind went back to that rocky transition from receiving all the attention to only getting half of it! I imagined my little 2 year old niece might have a bit of adjusting to do, so I decided to put together a “Big Sister Survival Kit.” I’m not sure if it’s for her survival or her parents’…time will tell! 🙂

Not having a two year old of my own, I emailed my friend Whitney from Polka Dotty Place to see if she could suggest a few things her own two year old enjoys. She sent me a wonderful list that helped me put together my survival kit! I shopped for things that would keep my niece busy while her parents cared for the new baby, as well as a few things that would make her feel special!

Big Sister Survival Kit via ComeHomeForComfort.com

Here’s what I included (links are for similar items):

I thought the purse needed a little something extra, so I made this name tag with her new title. I created it in Picmonkey and printed the design on heavy card stock. I reinforced the hole and attached it to the bag with bright green ribbon. How cute is this?

Big Sister survival kit via Come Home For Comfort

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19 thoughts on “Big Sister Survival Kit

  1. So cute!!! My little girl would have been absolutely thrilled with all of those things when she became a big sis. Great job, auntie! 🙂 I’m sure big sister, Mommy & Daddy will all be very thankful for your thoughtful gifts!


  2. You did a great job!! Your niece is going to LOVE it. I’m impressed that you found a boy doll, because I don’t see those often. I think she’ll feel special and enjoy all her new toys. I laughed at your comments about it being an adjustment to become a big sister. I was two when my sister was born and I’ve heard stories of me pulling her off the couch, poking her eyes and other stories that indicate it was quite an adjustment. Glad we’ve both settled into our big sister roles 🙂


    1. Thanks so much for your help with this project! I was completely underwhelmed by the options for dolls in general, so yeah…I was pretty happy to find a nice, normal boy baby doll. 🙂


  3. What a great idea Whitney and so thoughtful. That Bubble Gun will be a hit, I can assure you. And all little ones love stickers. Your name tag is just precious. Ella will feel like she is a mommy too with her own bag.


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