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High Five For Friday {and British accents}!

h54F may 29

1// My sister and brother in law came down for the afternoon on Memorial Day! Paul and Andrew played some frisbee golf and then we hit their favorite local ice cream place for a sweet treat. Paul took the picture for us…at least he got the girls and the cones in the shot! 🙂

2// I love hearing the announcement over the grocery store intercom that the in-store Starbucks has free samples! They come in the cutest cups and are the perfect size for a little treat. Also my excited face looks a lot like my annoyed face. Not sure what’s up with that.

3// When I’m home, Peggy is never very far away. She’s so sweet!

4// We’ve been watching the 500 Questions game show on ABC this week. The host has that quintessential (somewhat exaggerated) British accent that is super fun to imitate. Paul loves the show because it appeals to his brainy/nerdy side….I like it because the way the host says “Ahhhhfter the break!” makes me giggle. Simple pleasures.

5// This isn’t a high from the week, but it’s something I wanted to share. Yesterday a man came into the store where I work, asking for help and food. He appeared very desperate and in need. One of the employees did their best to help him and he went on his way. As another employee relayed the story to me afterward, she wondered if the solution of $20 and a bottle of water was really the most helpful gift for him. It’s a great thing to help people in need, but it’s also really wise to be informed. If you’re interested, here’s a post I wrote last year on how to help the homeless.

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Have a lovely weekend!

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10 thoughts on “High Five For Friday {and British accents}!

  1. Ice cream dates are always so much fun 🙂 Glad you got to meet up with your sister this week. Starbucks samples are always fun. I’ve been wanting to try the Smores frappuccino but don’t want to spend $5 to try it. Hope you have a great weekend.


  2. This post brightened my day and brought on some much needed laughter this afternoon, so thanks for that! The snapshot Paul took totally cracked me up – lol! It’s clear to see that all of you were happy, even if you can’t see all of you. 😉 It was easy to tell that was the excited version of your expression because of what you were sipping there. After all who could be annoyed with that cute lit’l cup of goodness in their hand? 😉 Wishing you a beautiful weekend, friend! xo


    1. You should have seen the FIRST one he took of all of us eating our cones before we were ready for the camera. That one is worthy of the “tears coming down your face” emoji. 🙂 LOL


  3. We have been watching 500 questions too! I thought it was especially adorable when he admitted that his “dignity was ruffled” and I love how he pronounces “battle.”


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