Packing For A Road Trip

Packing For A Road Trip via Come Home For

I took a five hour road trip last week – one that I’ve made many times by myself. Being a planner and an organizer, packing is part of the fun! Here’s how I packed for my trip:

1. Car Essentials:

I always like to have a few snacks with me, but especially on this trip. A few years ago I sat in construction traffic for a solid two hours, in an area with almost no cell reception. Since that trip I make sure to always take both snacks and non-internet entertainment with me! This time I had (in addition to what I always carry in my purse):

  • grapes
  • peanut butter & jelly sandwich
  • mini candy bars
  • bottled water
  • ice water in a thermos
  • a few damp paper towels
  • three books on CD

2. Clothes and Accessories:

My husband is a huge fan of the eBags packing system and let me take a few of his packing cubes on this trip (here’s the set he owns). I’m hooked! I always put my clothes on hangers and carry everything else in a weekender style bag. I still traveled with my outfits on hangers, but for everything else, the packing cubes made such a huge difference! I used the medium bag and the shoe bag to corral everything I needed for 3 nights and 4 days. When I wasn’t using them, they fit perfectly in my bag. I put one small zippered pouch on top with a few extra things like a lint roller. #catladyprobs

Packing for a Road Trip with eBags via

Packing for a Road Trip with eBags via 2

3. Makeup and Toiletries:

I’ve been using the same train case organization system for my makeup for over a year, and it’s working really well. Everything I use in the shower goes in a large Ziploc bag. I like traveling with a loofah, so I take a smaller Ziploc bag to store that on the way home. Wet, drippy loofas make everything gross. 🙂

Organizing Makeup for Travel

Packing for a Road Trip with eBags via 5

I took all these pictures before I headed home from my trip. I like packing in a way that I can easily re-pack and take things home in an orderly fashion – it makes unpacking much more pleasant!

Happy Trails To You,

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This post was not sponsored by eBags. All opinions are my own.


15 thoughts on “Packing For A Road Trip

  1. Love your organization. Can you share what makeup products you use – getting a look into your travel case made me curious 🙂 Thanks!


  2. I enjoy the planning and packing parts of the trip too. I like your tip about keeping things from making messes by using ziplocs. I try to do the same. I’ve never seen those packing cubes before. I bet that would make organizing a travel bag really easy. I try to pack lots of little pouches so that I don’t have to dig through my entire bag to find something. I also bring along an empty shopping by to put dirty clothes in. That way they are separate from the rest of my things and I know what to launder when I get home.


  3. Great tips! I love the idea of packing an extra zip lock bag. I tend to just use grocery bags, but the zip lock would make sure nothing leaked out. 🙂


  4. I, too, am quite specific about the packing for a road trip. In fact, that’s about the only kind of packing I actually enjoy – road trips/adventures! I love having things organized in such a way that they’re easy to get to, easy to pack again, and then easy to unpack! 🙂


  5. Packing lists! Oh how I love them! Great job!

    Thanks for joining Tuesday Talk! I’m thrilled to have you!


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