Cleaning The Messiest Room In My House

Cleaning The Messiest Room via

Are you one of those people who assume that because I blog about my love of organization and domestic life…I have a perfectly clean house? I’ve had people ask if my closets really ARE as organized as they appear on the blog. As a general rule, they are. While having a perfectly clean and organized house is always my goal, it doesn’t always happen. Today I’m going to show you the messiest room in my house. 

Do you have a “west wing?” I challenge you to clean it up! I showed you mine – so I’d love to see your before and afters. Tag me on Instagram or Twitter so I can see your pictures!

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9 thoughts on “Cleaning The Messiest Room In My House

  1. OMG! I was rolling watching this video. We’ve had to work so hard to get our new house in order, but I’ll probably always have a West Wing room, so someone’s going to have to clean it if I Yours look fantastic after you got through with it!!!



  2. The garage is our West Wing! Thank goodness for that to accommodate all things we don’t use in the house. I was wondering is this what was Paul’s Man Cave? I know you do have four bedrooms so this must be your private domain.


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