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High Five For Friday, Friends and Corn on the Cob!

Friday August 14

1// I love meeting people in real life that I met through blogging! Monday afternoon I got to have lunch with my sweet friend Lauryn! We originally connected on YouTube last year after she became a SAHW and have been instagram buddies since then. We hit it off right away and had NO trouble coming up with things to talk about. 🙂 She suggested we eat at Midwood BBQ in Charlotte – it was so good. The BBQ was great, but you have to order the baked beans (TN friends, they taste like Ridgewood’s beans). I’m so glad to know Lauryn IRL now!

2// I had some Walgreens Register Reward Points burning a hole in my pocket, so I decided to “splurge” on an Essie polish. $8.50 is a lot to pay for nail polish, in my frugal book! I picked up “tuck it in my tux” and it was exactly the neutral shade I was going for. However – I’ve purchased two bottles of Essie polish and both of them have dried really tacky on my nails. I’m curious if that’s typical for Essie or if I’ve just grabbed duds? Anyway, I like the shade so it’s still  qualifies for H54F. 🙂

3// My summer food obsession continues. This week it’s been all peaches and corn on the cob. Can’t stop won’t stop.

4// It’s been a busy past several weeks for my hubby, giving us very little time together. Last night we got to spend several hours together while traveling to a meeting he had to attend. Proximity is important to both of us, and the car is a great place to talk and reconnect!

5// Y’all. I took the Fresh in Fifteen challenge. That means I uploaded a video to YouTube where I’m not wearing makeup for most of the time. I’m still in shock. You might be too, after you see my naked face. 🙂 Watch me get ready in fifteen minutes….if you dare.

Have a lovely weekend! 

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18 thoughts on “High Five For Friday, Friends and Corn on the Cob!

  1. I love the Fresh in Fifteen challenge. I need to hop over and watch yours now!! And Essie polishes… sigh…. yes I usually have to do thin coats and let them dry with plenty of time before I go onto the next step. They’ll get dents or smudge easily otherwise. I have many Essie polishes where I love the color, but not the formula. I hope you have a wonderful weekend eating corn on the cob and spending precious time with your hubby!!


  2. It’s so cool to meet internet friends in real life. I like essie polishes, but I feel like the one that I bought was tacky and sticky, too. To me, essie is not worth the price. I loved that fresh in fifteen challenge! So fun!


  3. Loved your fresh in fifteen challenge – you look lovely! What dry shampoo & what hairspray are you using? Have a great weekend 🙂


  4. I love the idea of fresh in 15 so I’m excited to see how you do. I need to give that challenge to myself. Love your new Essie color. I’m also too frugal to have purchased it in the past so I love that you cashed in reward dollars for it. Hooray for all the summer produce right now. There’s sweet corn on every corner here 🙂


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