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5 Things on Friday {2.26.16}


1// I registered for the Influence Conference! I realized last week that it’s taking place not too far from where I live, and the one-day format makes it so much more feasible to attend that one of the bigger conferences held in NYC or another large city. Anyone else planning to attend? It doesn’t appear to be full yet, so you probably have time to register if you’re interested.

2// Last night my husband had some work training in one of my favorite places – Hendersonville, NC. While he was in his meeting, I strolled the aisles of the local Target…where I happened upon that glorious cart full of clearanced linens! I came home with two sets of fun place mats! People are so nice in North Carolina – it was fun to spend the evening there.

3// It’s always fun to squeeze in some family time! Last Friday my dad and brother in law were in town for a conference, and I got to spend a good bit of time with my Dad. We were all able to meet up for supper with Paul and my brother in law at our favorite place – Texas Roadhouse. Dad used to come down to SC all the time when Alli and I were in college, and it was fun to have him on my turf again!

4// Paul is such a good sport and will watch just about anything with me. Sunday night we watched one of my favorite chick flicks,  How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days. I think he’d even admit that he enjoyed it – since he quoted about as much of it as I did. Haha! 🙂 We’ve had quite a few laughs this week as we applied quotes to real life situations. Anyone else a fan of that great classic from the early 2000’s?

5// I have a little PSA for those of you who visit the blog directly (instead of using a feed reader or reading via email subscription). Starting next week, I will post new content on Monday/Wednesday/Friday instead of all five days. I tried that back in November and while I really missed posting every day, I need the extra time in my schedule for other things that are still related to the blog. So look for fewer posts and more videos! 

That’s it for me! Have a lovely weekend!

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10 thoughts on “5 Things on Friday {2.26.16}

  1. Yay for Target clearance. I saw Sharpies on clearance at my Target in Hamburg yesterday and thought about you. And yay for the blogging conference!!! I can’t wait to hear about it. Also, funny story about that movie. My mom tagged along on mine and Chauncey’s first few dates. We started dating January 7. For Valentine’s Day that year, we went to the movies. So my mom went and watched that movie by herself.haha



  2. My Target run is this weekend! I hope to score some red sticker deals! And thanks for the NC compliment – I like to think the large majority of us real NC natives are nice! xo Amanda


  3. Glad you found some great things at Target. I’m hoping to make a Target run this weekend to scope out the Easter selection before things get too picked over. I always wanted to attend Influence and thought that I might once I moved back to Indiana. But now that they’ve moved it down South, I think I’ll have to wait a little longer. Hope you have a wonderful time – it always sounds like a blast!


  4. I’ll never forget that gorgeous, gold dress that Kate Hudson wears in the end of How To Lose A Guy. So pretty! If you like that movie, I bet you’d also like Failure To Launch with Sarah Jessica Parker. It’s a favorite of mine :-). Have you seen it?


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