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Finding the Camellia Bush On the Other Side of the Litter Box


I generally enjoy doing housework. Mopping, dusting, cooking, doing laundry or the dishes – none of those are dreadful tasks. There is one task, however, I really hate. I don’t like any chores related to the cat’s litter box (as I’ve mentioned before), and the one I hate even more than the daily emptying of the litter is the monthly litter box cleaning. I have to haul the box outside, dump it out, scrape out the wet clumps that stick in the corners, wipe it out, dry it and then refill it with twenty more pounds of clean litter. It’s just gross. I always end up getting wet from the hose or stepping in a clump of red clay – it’s never easy.

Monday afternoon I trudged out to the yard to do the dreaded chore. As I leaned over to pick up the hose, I noticed a flash of pink from around the corner of the house. I walked around to the first bush on that side of the house and discovered that it was bearing (for the first time to my knowledge) dozens of huge pink blossoms! After I finished with the litter box, I went back out and snipped a bunch for the house. I would have never noticed those flowers if I hadn’t been outside doing my least favorite chore!

In all labor there is profit

What chore do you hate – and maybe even refuse to do? Proverbs 14:23 says, “In all hard work there is profit.” That includes even cleaning out the litter box! I can’t promise you that if you buckle down and scrub your toilets, you’ll discover a beautiful camellia bush in your bathtub. ๐Ÿ™‚ I can promise that there will be profit to your labor.

I think that most of you are the kind of people who stay on top of your household tasks, even the ones you don’t like to do. If you’re one of those people and you have begun to feel like your labor is in vain, be encouraged! Even if the floor you mopped gets dirty twoย seconds later (that totally happens to me!), don’t give up. It’s tempting to say, “I don’t know why I even do ____ anymore!” Remember the promise of God’s Word that all your labor has profit and look for the camellia bush on the other side of the litter box. ๐Ÿ™‚

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26 thoughts on “Finding the Camellia Bush On the Other Side of the Litter Box

  1. Pretties! Love it when a dreary chore turns happy! I would have to say my least favorite chore is the toilets and it’s also my most done chore! I clean our toilets so much I wear the finish off the seats! I do love the freshness after a good scrub. My second and third least are changing sheets and mopping. I love a fresh bed and nice floors but dread the chore aspect of those. My favorite….cleaning the kitchen after supper! I can’t go to sleep with a dirty kitchen and feel good when the kitchen is “officially closed” for the evening and I wake up to clean counters and sink!


  2. I love the deep pink color of camellias…so pretty! As to chores, I keep on top of most things as I know that letting something pile up means more work later. I would have to say really DEEP CLEANING things is the chore I put off. Once a year it is good to just move furniture and do a really deep clean. It probably should be done twice a year but I like the idea of spring cleaning. The sun is shining, you have a bit more energy after the long winter and you can open up the windows and let some fresh air in!


  3. 1) Those flowers are GORGEOUS! 2) I am off to clean the bathtub with a happy heart. Such a great way to look at things. So often we are too busy complaining to see the good.


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