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5 Pictures On Friday {6.16.17}

Happy Friday! I’m usually late to the party when it comes to social media. I like to take my time and see if the latest thing is actually worth keeping up with or trying to learn. When it comes to Instagram Stories, I was quite skeptical. I was just getting into Snapchat when Instagram released Stories, and I didn’t want something else to keep up with every day.

However, I’ve totally changed my mind about Stories. I love them! Some of my favorite people to watch over there are KTCupofTea (Katie!), Eunamaes, AngelaKinsey (as a true Office fan, right?!), and my friend Rebekah’s home renovation account, ShipperFamRenovation.

After enjoying so much of this over the last several months, I had to join the fun! Here’s a little peek at some of my Instagram Story pictures from this past week – it’s just random things that I feel the need to share, which usually ends up being either food or cats. Haha!

In case you’re wondering, I got the CND polish at Burkes Outlet for $3. You only do two coats of color plus one top coat – no base! It dries in a flash and lasts so well! The #tacowednesday picture is a burrito bowl and was so delicious. And those huge pans of green beans? I now know it’s possible to prepare, store and reheat 8 large cans of green beans in less than an hour! 🙂

Anyway, I hope you’ll join me over on Instagram if you aren’t already! Is there someone you enjoy following? Tell me in the comments – I love finding new people to follow!

Have a lovely weekend! 


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12 thoughts on “5 Pictures On Friday {6.16.17}

  1. Whoa, that’s a LOT of beans! Your Stories ideas look fun! Unfortunately, my phone software is a little old, so I can’t view Stories.


  2. I need to jump on the instastories bandwagon. It seems like no one posts on snap chat anymore so it’s time for me to get with the program. I love seeing my favorite on-line friends post stories and just wish there was a way to favorite them so that your favorite people showed up at the front of your feed. I really love following: andrea2220, emilyley, laracasey, & asliceofstyle. I love your cat cameos, your helpful tips and anything else you post about.


    1. For real – I rarely see anyone post on Snapchat any more! I’m glad you enjoy the kitties! I try not to overshare them but they’re so funny. 🙂 Thanks for sharing those accounts, I don’t follow any of them!


  3. I recently found penniesintopearls. She’s on instagram and has a blog and YouTube channel. If you haven’t heard of her, I think you would like her. She talks a lot about homemaking and frugal living.


  4. I have totally changed my mind and embraced the instastories lately too. They are just so much fun to watch. I wish I could save my favorites to the top though so I don’t miss them.


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