What We’re Eating {September 2017}

Although I meal plan every week, we had a month where we ended up only eating a few meals from that list each week. It seems like every week had some kind of schedule change that caused meal time to look different from what I’d planned. That’s okay, though! I would rather have a plan and not need to use it than to be unprepared and scrambling at the last minute to pull something together.

Nevertheless, we did eat this month! 🙂 Here are a few yummy recipes from September:

#1 Banana Cake

My mom made this cake for my birthday lunch at her house. It was so delicious! She even let us bring home the leftovers, wasn’t that nice of her? 🙂

#2 Breakfast Cookies

I saw Money Saving Mom talk about these cookies and was intrigued. I keep all these ingredients on hand so they were super quick and easy to make. Instead of eating them for breakfast, I’ve been eating one in the mornings to keep me full between breakfast and lunch. They hold together well and don’t fall apart in your lunch bag, which is a plus for people who take their lunch to work (like me).

#3 Anything with Zesty Lime Chicken

I love marinating chicken breasts in Kraft’s Zesty Lime Vinaigrette! It gives the chicken such a great flavor! I cook it the same way I do my Grilled Balsamic Chicken Breasts. It’s perfect for burrito bowls, and one night I used the chicken for sandwiches with honey mustard, avocado, bacon and tomato slices. Yum!

#4 Chili!

September is not complete without a few bowls of chili! I made a big batch of this recipe and we enjoyed it for two separate meals. I still have two individual servings in the freezer for lunches.

My blogging buddies, Katie and Whitney, have also rounded up their favorite recipes from this month! Click the links below to see what’s been cooking up in their kitchens! I always find inspiration from the things they share.





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10 thoughts on “What We’re Eating {September 2017}

  1. I love Zesty Italian for a chicken or pork marinade. Will have to check out the Lime Vinaigrette. Looking forward to chili and soup season!


  2. Yum! I love lime in most anything, so I’m drooling right now. 🙂 And I’m very intrigued by that banana cake! My dad loved grandma’s banana cake, but I never had it and am not sure a recipe even exists. Might have to give yours a whirl!


  3. Everything looks delicious!! I love banana cake and your moms looks amazing. I’ve always wanted to try breakfast cookies. I like your idea to use them more of a snack cookie to keep you full. My family loves oatmeal so I bet they’d enjoy these. Thanks for sharing!


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