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Changing and Growing {Word of the Year Update}

As much as I hate to acknowledge it, sometimes change is necessary for growth. As I’ve focused on how my word of the year (GROW) relates to my goals for the year, I’ve realized that some change will be necessary in order to see growth and progress. This is has been most evident in two specific areas – I’ll just share one here as an example.

My weight loss goal for 2018 is to reach a particular number on the scale. I had pretty satisfying results for around 16 months as I followed a particular healthy eating plan. I had very little trouble saying no to things that weren’t good for me and saw continual success in reaching my weight loss goals.

2018 has not been so easy! I’ve really struggled to stay on track with with healthy eating and have been generally unmotivated and undisciplined, which makes me unhappy! Then two weeks ago I had a light bulb moment.

Change. Change is the key!

I decided to ditch a few of the hard and fast menu items and practices I’ve been clinging to for over a year now. I changed the way I menu plan, gave myself a little wiggle room in the grocery budget and completely changed what I eat for breakfast and lunch. I can’t say I immediately lost 5 pounds, but I enjoyed the week so much more! I’m facing my weight loss goal with a renewed excitement and a plan I feel good about assuming.

How are you doing with your goals for 2018? Are you in a rut? What can you change to make it more exciting, alluring or even more feasible?


6 thoughts on “Changing and Growing {Word of the Year Update}

  1. Hooray! Change just helps us stay on target, right? I think food changes are the hardest to make though! We get so used to certain meals, routines, ingredients… and it seems to hard to tweak those things. Keep going, Whitney!


  2. Good for you!! Change is hard for me, but I know that if I want to reach my goals I’ve got to do some changing. I’ve been making myself go to bed a little earlier which has made mornings easier. I’ve also been saying yes to things that my first reaction is no. Things that take me out of my comfort zone and are more unknown than my usual routines. I seriously have to say yes and then cringe 🙂 Excited to see what the rest of the year has in store for me and for you! Hope Paul is on the mend and that you’re feeling well, too.


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