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How I Use Instagram To Aid My Daily Life

I don’t know about you, but Instagram is my favorite social media platform. I love how it’s blossomed to become almost like a mini form of Pinterest, but with content from people you know and love! Here are a few ways I use Instagram to aid my daily life:

#1 Outfit Inspiration

Any time I’m scrolling and see an outfit I like, I click the little bookmark icon and save the photo. Then when I need an idea for an outfit, I look back through my saved photos and see if I can recreate a look with what I have in my closet. In the same way that creating a Pinterest board helps to define your style, having a few outfits saved helps me see what I’m drawn to – stripes, pattern mixing, dresses and always layers.

Some of my favorite outfit ideas come from Musings of a Shopaholic Mama, Courtney Metz, BYBMG and What Nicole Wore.

#2 Tablescapes

Again, I save pretty tablescapes when I see them – and try to recreate them with things I have on hand! Sometimes I see colors and patterns together that I wouldn’t have combined on my own. It’s so helpful!

I love tablescapes from CrispCollective and Victoria Magazine.

#3 Centerpieces

I follow quite a few decor accounts (people who only post “pretty” pictures) and view them as I would a glossy magazine. Often I zoom in on the picture and scope out all the details. I love to see what is displayed on coffee tables and dining tables and then recreate it with – you guessed it – things I have on hand! 🙂

My favorite magazines to follow on Instagram are: The Cottage Journal, Cottages and Bungalows & Victoria, and I love AllHoneyDesign and Turquoise Lifestyle‘s decor accounts. 

#4 Recipe Ideas

People are starting to share more and more recipes on Instagram, and I love it! Sharing recipes is such a lovely way to give a part of your heart to someone else. I screen shot a lot of things people share in their stories or bookmark it and make sure to pin the recipe when I have a chance. (I do still use Pinterest!)

Another way I use Instagram to aid my daily life is by putting my phone down! I’m really working on not being tied to my phone and being present in my daily life. It’s something I have to consciously work on!

What is your favorite thing about Instagram? Do you follow people who inspire you? (And if you’re not already following me, I’m homeforcomfort) 😉 


9 thoughts on “How I Use Instagram To Aid My Daily Life

  1. Instagram is my fave, too! It’s easy to find inspiration, and I love photos. It’s fun to capture moments and share them. The bookmarks feature is pretty new to me, but it’s a good tool!


  2. I love instagram, too! It’s just so fun. I have never really used the bookmark feature so I need to figure that out. I usually screenshot things I like or want to replicate later. I’m with you and love the stories and the recipes being shared. I just wish things would show up chronologically in my feed instead of an odd order that doesn’t make much sense to me.


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