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Mother’s Day Recap {2018}

I got to spend Mother’s Day weekend with my Mom! It’s been quite a few years since we were together for Mother’s Day, and it was so nice to have my parents stay with us over the weekend.

After church I planned a summery brunch (with, as I learned the hard way, too many things that needed to be done at the same time). Everything turned out ok, it just took a lot longer than I’d planned. Blogging about time management, hospitality and cooking does not make you an expert on the topic! 🙂

Here was my menu:

A word of encouragement if your Mother’s Day wasn’t picture perfect (nobody’s is!). If you’re longing to have a child, if you have a strained relationship with your Mom or your child, if your Mom is already in heaven, if your family didn’t celebrate you the way you hoped…if you find yourself in a situation today that you never planned or wanted – I want to leave you with this quote from my pastor’s message yesterday.

Rest in God’s sovereignty – God is writing a story that you can not see. 

Just as this paper isn’t perfect – you can see where I messed up, erased and started over on one of the words – nobody has a perfect life. There’s hope for us all! And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. For those whom he foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son. (Romans 8:28-29)

I hope you had a lovely weekend! ❤


17 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Recap {2018}

  1. Looks like a yummy meal, and I’m sure that your mom appreciated all of your efforts! So glad you got to celebrate together. Moms deserve a million brunches for all that they do/are!


  2. So glad you were able to enjoy Mother’s Day with your mom!! Love all the pics you shared from your time together! You set a beautiful table and prepared a lovely meal. The heart and love put into it is all that matters, not how quickly it made it to the table. 🙂 (Although I have spent some somewhat frazzled moments in the kitchen myself when things like that have happened, so I totally get it!) Amen to “God is writing a story you cannot see”! What joy and hope we have in resting in the truth of His Word, knowing that He is working ALL things together for our good and His glory! Loved both the sweetness and transparency in this post, dear friend! *Hugs!*


  3. That’s so fun that you got to be with your mom on Mother’s Day! I’m sure she loved staying with you. Your brunch looked delicious. It’s always tricky to get all the food done and ready at the same time. Your menu sounded delicious. My Mother’s Day was great. I got to celebrate early with my mom and not everything went as planned, but we still had a good weekend.


  4. What a wonderful time you all had celebrating together! The food looks wonderful and the fellowship even nicer.

    I love the quote about God writing a story we cannot see. So very, very true. Such an encouragement if we can only keep that in mind. I was looking at Romans 8:28 and especially 8:29 in my quiet time this morning. Nice to have reinforcement by running into it again here. Thanks for sharing!


  5. The whole day was extra special!! What an awesome joy it was to worship together, and then to continue that worship at your home! Your brunch was oh so delicious! In the words of Andy, ” It was pure gala!”

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  6. Amen! Your brunch items look delicious, I’m hungry looking at the pictures, and you have a lovely table too. I always enjoy seeing how you have it laid out, thank you for sharing.

    I couldn’t agree more with you, that we don’t see the Lord’s big picture for our lives. My Mother’s Day was a bit bumpy starting off, the day reminds me of my mom’s early passing even though its been over 10 years, and this year my dear teenage boys didn’t want to go into church and opted to wait in the car. Arg! But the day turned around ~ grace for the boys in this particular case (and prayer…). I ended up having a wonderful day with my family.


    1. Thank you for sharing that, Amy. I’m sorry that you are without your Mom – and that your day wasn’t completely lovely. But you’re right, the big picture always includes grace! Amen!


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