Colorful Summer Dining Room

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I decided it was time to switch out the green and white table setting that served me well through Easter and Mother’s Day! Being easily influenced by what I see, I’ve been loving all the blue & green others have shared on their blogs and on Instagram. I shopped my house and put this together in about 15 minutes. Can you believe the flowers I bought before Mother’s Day are still hanging on? I will replace them this week, but wow!

I used my woven chargers from Dollar General (currently available in my store for $3 each!), but Amazon and Target have a pretty good selection at a slightly higher price point.

If you’re afraid to leave your good dishes out on the table unattended, you can do what I did – use melamine plates that won’t break! Mine are from Target, and they have some really lovely patterned ones right now! I’m going to watch for those to go on sale after the summer. πŸ™‚

When it’s time to eat, I’ll simply pick up the melamine plates and replace them with our dinner plates. Once I’ve added silverware and drinks, the table will be simply and beautifully set for the meal. Do you stage your table with plates and linens?

6 thoughts on “Colorful Summer Dining Room

  1. So pretty! I always have a centerpiece on my table and maybe a table cloth. I don’t set the table until about an hour before guests come or before dinner time because of A. cats and B. 2 young kids. They’re all so curious and want to touch all the things. I love a pretty table so I have to work fast to pull it together before a meal πŸ™‚


  2. Blues for summer is my favorite, too! Those placemats are so cute! I was finally able to hunt down 2 of the Dollar General chargers and would like to find 2 more. Hoping my stores will restock! While I don’t keep plates/silverware on the table at all times, I do leave out placemats and decor. The dining table is the main workstation in the house, so I’d be moving plates constantly. Yours always look so cute that I wish I could keep mine out.


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