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Mid-Year Goals Check-In!

I created my goals for 2018 as big-picture items that spring from the major areas of my life. From that, I created a spring bucket list with some practical things to help me work toward those goals. Today I’m checking in to evaluate how I did with those bucket items. Here we go!

  • plan a mini vacation around Paul’s work trips we went to Boone Tavern Hotel and visited my grandparents one weekend!
  • take a meal to someone who needs a little comfort food I made my favorite lasagna with garlic herb biscuits, added a bagged salad and took it to a friend
  • continue healthy eating goals by completing a two-week smoothie plan I’ve found that drinking a green smoothie a couple times a week in place of a meal really makes me feel great!
  • make another new recipe from the Love Welcome Serve cookbook and try it out on company
  • practice handlettering AND took a class! 🙂
  • send Easter care packages to the littles in my family
  • de-clutter my home office SO glad I did this!
  • spend at least one weekend with my fam in Tennessee  always a good idea 🙂
  • refresh the front yard landscaping (obviously this one is basically for Paul, ha!)He does a great job keeping the yard looking fresh, and I finally updated my wreaths
  • plan a fun date night I took Paul out to our favorite, Texas Roadhouse, to celebrate the end of his successful lacrosse season

While a lot of these are fun things, most of them require some work.

  • Taking a meal to someone is always a tremendous blessing, but it’s also always more work than I think it’s going to be.
  • Decluttering a room of delayed decisions requires energy and discipline!
  • I hate making wreaths – it never turns out like I think it will, and it always makes a huge mess. This time I also ended up with two wasps in the house in the process.
  • I’d always rather make nachos instead of a smoothie, and smoothies require dragging out the blender and all the supplies.

What’s my point?

I want to remind myself – and you – that as we reach the halfway mark on 2018, accomplishing our goals won’t happen by accident. It will take intention, discipline and work. Some of that might be absolutely delightful, like a fun weekend with family. Some of it might be hard work, like wrangling faux flowers and killing rogue wasps at 10 PM.

Don’t quit! Pick up wherever you left off (even if it was late January) and start working toward the goal. ❤


7 thoughts on “Mid-Year Goals Check-In!

  1. Way to go on your goals! 🙂 I’ve been checking off things on my list, but it’s a work in progress. I’m decluttering this summer, such a great indoor project in the heat! Your green smoothies sound interesting, and healthy. Whoa, wasps sound scary! Did they just come in the door while you were adjusting the wreath? Texas Roadhouse is a family favorite, here, too. Their bread is heavenly!


  2. Good reminder to go back and review my 2018! I have been working on lots of things, but not sure how I’m doing at crossing things off that list. Thanks for the reminder. I haven’t tried very many new recipes lately so I need to get busy and do that.

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    1. I haven’t tried many new recipes either, and I miss it! Paul has been working out a lot, so I’ve been making protein heavy recipes for him. It’s hard to cook without carbs and dairy! 🙂


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