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Lots of Pictures on Monday {March’s Highlights}

Hi friends! It’s always good to take a week off from blogging, but it’s always good to get back to it – and you! I have a bunch of pictures from March that I really wanted to share with you (and also leave here to look back on later). So here they are!

1// Referee Wife Life – I got to travel with Paul two weekends in a row during his peak lacrosse season. His games are often in the most gorgeous mountain locations of North Carolina, Tennessee and Kentucky. These two weekends were both in Kentucky but with very different weather! The first was warm and beautiful, the second was cold, rainy and even a little snowy! #SPRING

2// On the second trip we had extra time in our weekend. The first night we stayed in the lovely Historic Boone Tavern Hotel. It was a fun experience! Paul’s game was done early enough in the day that we were able to enjoy a relaxed supper and a chilled-out evening enjoying cable TV (a luxury!) in a luxurious setting.

3// The next morning we got up and drove through snowy Kentucky to my grandparents’ home for a quick 24 hour visit. It was so great to see them! We enjoyed delicious meals and were able to get caught up on all the news since our last visit.

Nana and I went to see a movie that afternoon. Paul and Papa stayed home and watched some March Madness – Paul is learning how to watch basketball the intense way everyone else in my family does. LOL. We rounded out the day with inside out hot brown sandwiches from their local sandwich shop. Yum.

4// I got some quick sister time last week! Alli and I got to spend a couple hours shopping – it was so good for my soul!

5// I love Easter Sunday! The morning’s sunrise took my breath away as I imagined what it might have felt like to be one of the women who arrived at Jesus’ tomb to find it empty! One of the songs from our church service was Chain Breaker (I’m partial to this version). I thought it was the perfect choice for Easter Sunday. Whatever sin or burden you bear – Jesus knows about it, because He bore it on the cross for you. He lives to give us victory and hope to overcome those sins and burdens!

I made a big dinner that we shared with friends and it was a great day!

6// Finally – my two favorite outfits from the month!

And that’s a wrap for March!

My Favorite Posts and Videos from March:

I hope you had a great month, too!


15 thoughts on “Lots of Pictures on Monday {March’s Highlights}

  1. Happy Easter to you! It’s been busy around here, too. I love family time and fun road trips. Wishing that my grandparents were still alive, as we loved spending time with them over Easter. Loving the selection of photos you shared! The flowers are so beautiful, and that hotel looks amazing! Fun times, indeed!


  2. You can scratch one thing off of your spring bucket list, YAY!
    Yes, I think your grandparents are very “precious”. Your grandmother sets such a pretty table and keeps up with a beautiful home. No wonder you and your mother turned out so “precious”. 🙂


  3. Lots of fun things!! Isn’t it fun when you can tag along for work trips?? We have had some great family trips that way. So glad you were able to visit with family while you were out of town. I really love that top you’re wearing on your sister shopping date. It’s so pretty on you!


    1. Yes! I love going on Paul’s work trips. It’s fun to make them more pleasant and fun for him, since he usually just grabs fast food and drives straight through. Thank you! My sister picked that top out for me the last time we shopped together. She has such good taste! 🙂


  4. I love the pic of you with your grandparents (they look so sweet!) and the one of Paul watching basketball!!! Hope April is a great month too : )


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