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January 2019 in Review + H54F Linkup

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It’s always good to look back over the month and find the highlights – some months you might have to look a little harder than others, but the highs are there! Take a minute and look back through your Instagram feed, the pictures on your phone, your journal or your calendar and count every blessing. God is good to us in every season!

Here are my highlights from January!

#1 Aunt Life Is The Best Life

My sister needed a little extra help one weekend at the beginning of the month, so I headed up to Tennessee to hang out with the owners of these little hands and feet!

I haven’t done any actual babysitting/nursery duty/solo child watching for about 15 years but we all survived – and had the best time. Twin two year olds have so much energy! They are the sweetest guys with such fun personalities. Aunt life is really the best life!

#2 The Flu: I hadn’t been “sick in the bed” like this in years. This is proof that even the most germ conscious of us fall prey to germs!  While I was sick, Paul helped me out and narrated a grocery haul video. It is definitely worth watching if you haven’t seen it! 🙂

#3 Dad’s 60th Birthday Party: We had the best time celebrating!

#4 Home Projects: As we tend to do in January, I got a lot of organizing and cleaning done this month. I finally found a new rug for the kitchen, deep cleaned the bathrooms and de-cluttered my home office. It feels so good!

This rug is from Five Below and is not a heavy rug, so I secured it with strips of Rug Gripper. It stays put, even when the cats decide to attack it!

#5 Reading Through The Bible: I committed to read through the Bible again this year. I have already enjoyed it so much! The characters of the Old Testament are like old friends to me, and I’m excited to “visit” with them as I read.

I’m following the Bible in a Year plan on the YouVersion app with the New Living Translation. I listen to the daily reading each morning. If you’re new to reading through the Bible in a year, I highly recommend this plan and the NLT. I’m loving it!

A few of my favorite blog posts & videos from January:

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Don’t forget to count your blessings from January!


6 thoughts on “January 2019 in Review + H54F Linkup

  1. Love that new kitchen rug! I always have the hardest time finding kitchen rugs so I’m glad you found what you were looking for. Sorry that you had the flu this month. Hopefully that means you’ll have a healthy rest of winter. That is so fun that you were able to go and visit your sister. I know she appreciated the help! I can’t imagine how busy two year old twins are because I have trouble keeping up with ONE two year old 🙂


    1. Oh yes! Often the things I see Fletcher doing on Instagram – Alli’s boys are doing the same thing x2! 🙂 She catches them climbing, jumping and “reorganizing” things for her. Haha! They’re so funny and sweet, though – it is so fun to watch them together.


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