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September and October 2019 in Review

Happy November 1st! Outside of our Disney trip and turning 35, September and October haven’t been extremely exciting. There have been weeks of sickness, family members with difficult health issues, busy work days and fast weekends with long to-do lists. I always want to stop and remember the highlights – even when they’re the same ones I always mention! Here they are. 🙂

#1 Our Amazing Disney Trip!

This is definitely the big highlight from September – and I’ve already covered all the details here – but it was the best vacation we’ve ever taken! Here are all my posts from our trip with all the tips that made it smooth and relaxing. I turned 35 on our first day at Disney – another highlight of the month!

#2 Family Time

Do you think my sister and I look alike?? I try really hard to put my phone down and enjoy family time, which means I don’t end up with many pictures to show for our time together. We spent several weekends with my family in Tennessee over the last two months and I’m always grateful for those times!

#3 Date Nights

There are certain times in the year where we’re able to fit in more date nights than the others. We’ve been able to enjoy lots of date nights so far this fall and I’m really thankful for that! Trying new-to-us restaurants is always fun – the two local ones we tried were both delicious: Tipsy Taco and The Great Bay Oyster House.

#4 Fall!

We didn’t experience actual fall weather until late October, but I still did my best to enjoy the spirit of fall!

Candles, pumpkins and AC. Fall in the south. 🙂

#5 Favorite Verse

“If you are filled with light, with no dark corners, then your whole life will be radiant, as though a floodlight were filling you with light.” (Luke‬ ‭11:36‬)  I want my life to be radiant, don’t you? I make the choice to fill my heart with the light of God’s Word each morning as I ask Him to help me reflect that light!

An easy way to fill your heart with God’s Word is to read one chapter of Proverbs each day – the chapter corresponding to the day’s date. I would love for you to join me and several others as we read through Proverbs this month! Get all the details and join my group here (it’s easy!).

And now we’re less than four weeks away from Thanksgiving – does that make anyone else’s head spin?? 🙂

Blogger friends – join me for High Five For Friday over here and link up your favorite posts from this week!


4 thoughts on “September and October 2019 in Review

  1. What a fun month! We’ve gotten out of the regular routine of date nights after Fletcher required stitches while home with a babysitter back in August. Yikes! So we’re slowly, but surely talking about ways to make them more regular now that our days seem busy and we aren’t having as much time to slow down and chat in the day to day.


  2. Disney and date nights; it doesn’t get much better than that! My husband and I managed two dates just this week alone. Now that our boys are old enough to be home alone it’s so much easier to sneak in some dates.


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