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12 Of My Favorite Holiday Appetizers!

In my house, it’s pretty accurate to say that appetizers are one of our favorite parts of the holidays. Paul would happily make a meal out of cheeseball, dips and pigs in a blanket. If you’re looking for a great appetizer for a party or just to treat your family, I’ve compiled 12 of our favorite recipes here in this post!

It’s always nice to have an appetizer for your guests to snack on before Thanksgiving or any big meal this time of year, but I also love to make one of these for a fun side dish with a lighter meal like soup. My mom makes a delicious Senate Bean Soup for Christmas Eve that goes perfectly with appetizers!

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What is your favorite appetizer to make this time of year? If one on my list looks too good to resist, you don’t have to wait for a big event to make it. Surprise your family with a fun treat this weekend – it will be something to snack on while you watch Disney movies! 🙂 (Have you subscribed to Disney Plus?)


10 thoughts on “12 Of My Favorite Holiday Appetizers!

  1. We love appetizers, too! I like those pinwheels, any kind of dips & chips, Hawaiian rolls sandwiches or anything with cranberries this time of year. All of your recipes look so good. I think I’d start with trying the sausage balls.


  2. Thanks for sharing this Whitney. We are doing some appetizers for supper on Thanksgiving. Marvin and I are going to Cracker Barrel for lunch as our kids all have commitments but they are coming by in the evening for dessert and appetizers. As the Cook, this works for me.


  3. So many delicious recipes, Whitney! I may need to try the white pizza dip and toffee apple dip. One of my favorite appetizers to make is meat roll ups. Combine softened cream cheese, cooked rice and horseradish with a hand mixer – spread on a thin slice of turkey or ham (Buddig brand lunch meat works well) – and roll up. Yes, we just got Disney Plus and are enjoying it! We had a watch party for The Mandolorian. My husband is sure making me appreciate Star Wars and Marvel, lol, but I also love all the Disney classics. 🙂


    1. I’ve never heard of those meat roll ups – they sound really interesting! I love that you had a watch party for the Mandolorian! My husband and BIL watched it last weekend during our Thanksgiving get-together. They only had a tablet to watch it on, so they had to kind of snuggle on the couch to watch together. It was too funny! 🙂


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