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5 Things on Friday {1.3.20}

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Here’s the situation at my house right now – still in festive Christmas mode! It’s all coming down this weekend, but until then I’m enjoying the cozy. Here are a few other things on deck (? is that the right use of that phrase?) right now:

Enjoying: Our new living room furniture! I made my first-ever large furniture purchase and have absolutely no regrets (so far!) about what I chose. The leather sofa is from Big Lots and the chairs are from Target. I’ll share more about them once the living room is back to normal decor mode.

Wearing: Essie polish in the shade Empire State of Mind (I can’t find the exact shade online – look for it in TJMaxx!).

Listening To: “What’s New?” This episode from The Richard Blackaby Leadership podcast was really helpful in thinking through my word for 2020 (coming next week!) and in formulating a few goals. I appreciate the approach of looking to see where God worked in my life last year and how I can participate in what He wants to do in my life going forward!

Working On: A few organizing projects! I decided to tidy a few spaces before taking down all the Christmas decor. The freezer gets out of hand so quickly – but thankfully it doesn’t take long to put it back to an ordered state.

READ MORE: 25 Minutes to Organize the Freezer

Loving: This kitty! Thelma Lou suddenly decided, after 7 years, that she likes sitting in my lap! She’s always preferred Paul (or my sister!) but recently has jumped up on my lap for long periods of time. ❀

Happy Friday!Β 


13 thoughts on “5 Things on Friday {1.3.20}

  1. Love the nail polish. You just never know what you’ll find at TJ Maxx. I’m always open to new ways of improving my organization skills. I find my closet the most challenging to keep organized. Happy 2020!


  2. Your furniture choices are perfect, it looks so in touch with today. Thelma Lou is precious, where is her companion? Did they take to the new furnishings right away? Is your couch Navy or Black? It’s hard to tell in the picture. Keep up the good work on your blog, telling us all about life in Greer.


  3. Your new furniture looks lovely! I’m sure it’s cat and people approved. I love selecting a new word for the year. It’ll be fun to read about yours next week. Good luck taking down your Christmas decor. I couldn’t wait to take mine down this year! It feels so good to have my house back πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you! I’m trying really hard to train the cats NOT to sit on the chairs – they’ve never not been allowed on the living room furniture, so it’s been an adventure. I bought them new cat beds and have been kindly diverting them to their approved spaces (hoping not to make them mad so they won’t claw the new chairs!). πŸ™‚ Fingers crossed!!


  4. Hi Whitney – I love your blog – especially your yummy recipes! I remember reading a recipe for beef stew that used milk as an ingredient and cannot find it now. Can you help me locate that recipe? Thank you so much and happy new year!


  5. Your furniture choice was worth the wait! It’s beautiful!! Thelma Lou is so gorgeous (and I think she knows it!!) πŸ˜†. Yay for kitty love! Can’t wait to hear your word for 2020.


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