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5 Things On Friday {1.17.20}

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#1 The last bit of Christmas decor that came down was the tree I’d put in this corner of my office. During fall I’d hung a few seasonally appropriate things on that wall, so I had to start over with redecorating it! The square succulent canvas was a Dollar Tree find from last summer that I stashed away, waiting for the perfect time and place to use it. I love how cheerful the colors are together and how well they tie in with the big gallery wall over my desk!

#2 That teal and gold striped bin you see on the floor next to my desk is another favorite Dollar Tree find. This month they put those bins out in several different colors and patterns and I love them!

#3 My sister and nephews came for a visit last weekend! On our way to the Children’s Museum, we stopped for a delicious lunch at Tipsy Taco. They were busy, but the food came out so quickly! My blackened shrimp quesadilla came with all the toppings including a delicious fresh apple salsa. This is a local chain here in Greenville that’s on the top of my favorite Mexican restaurant list.

#4 This kitty has been getting into a little trouble lately, antagonizing Thelma Lou (our other cat). I thought she might be bored, so I picked up a ball and track toy for $5 at TJ Maxx (same thing on Amazon). Both cats love it! We do have to put it away at night because it’s a little too loud for sleeping, but it’s the perfect toy for during the day.

#5 As you can see behind Peggy in that picture above – we loved the Jeopardy GOAT tournament! We watch Jeopardy regularly and have cheered for all three of the contestants over the years, but I was pulling for Ken this time around. Did you watch it? Who was your favorite?

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Happy Friday!


15 thoughts on “5 Things On Friday {1.17.20}

  1. We watched the tournament too. I was pulling for James because he is so cute. I felt sorry for Brad but I read that a lot of the problem was his timing with the buzzer. James and Ken are much faster than he is. I cannot believe how smart these guys are.


  2. We watched GOAT as well. I was pulling for James but Ken is fast on that buzzer! I told my granddaughter that I thought these guys must memorize obscure facts as the questions were so difficult. That quesadilla looks amazing….now I am hungry!:)


  3. Your house is lovely, apple salsa sounds amazing, and it’s cool to know– after reading your blog for years–that y’all are also big Jeopardy fans!


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