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Lessons From The Coronavirus Pandemic and 6 Weeks of Self Quarantine

Like most of you, I’ve been “self-quaratining” at home since March 16. This is week six of only leaving the house for quick shopping trips, of working from home and having Paul home by 3 most days.

Honestly, those things are basically my ideal life situation and I’ve enjoyed the chance to soak up extra time at home, enjoying the beautiful South Carolina weather from my deck. However – the uncertainty, the quickly changing circumstances and the lack of personal freedom have been difficult.

(I don’t mean “lack of personal freedom” in a political sense. I’m referring to the fact that I have chosen to limit my in-person interactions with people outside my household in order to keep myself from unknowingly infecting them. That’s a personal choice and I respect whatever decisions you’ve made in that respect.)

The pandemic and its repercussions are not over, but I believe that I don’t have to wait until the trial or difficulty is over before I have something to share with others. Here are the things I’ve observed and learned in the last 5-6 weeks.

God’s Word is my only source for reliable, unchanging Truth. (Proverbs 30:5)

It doesn’t matter what other people think of me! (Proverbs 29:25)

I love being home. I already knew that.

Paul and I can do home projects together! We stained the deck, re-mulched the front landscaping and pressure washed the house together and had a (mostly) good time doing it. I honestly did not think that was possible. 🙂

I still enjoy playing piano from the hymnal as much as I ever did!

Don’t take these things for granted:

  • Being able to spend the weekend with family in another state
  • Celebrating holidays or birthdays with family
  • Being able to stop into a store to make a free return or to browse for something fun
  • The small business, restaurant or store I love

No matter what happens in the next six weeks, I’m thankful that I can rest in God’s sovereign control over it all. “Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.” Proverbs 19:21

How have you felt about quarantine life? What have you learned?

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12 thoughts on “Lessons From The Coronavirus Pandemic and 6 Weeks of Self Quarantine

  1. I’m a homebody at heart so it doesn’t feel to to different. Of course the reason is not good. I’m by myself but my son has been working from my house because of wifi and its awesome. I have to admit that choosing to be a homebody and having to be a homebody does feel different. But for the first time ever I actually want to go outside and let the sun hit me and feel the grass on my toes. I can’t wait to be able to go to church. Something that I seem to take for granted before. I have always believed that family is so important but since January have been having some really bad family issues. Would love to resolve but can’t seem to get communication open. Would love to love on these family members but instead am being pushed away. Of course with the virus it has gotten worse. So please pray for me.


  2. Yay for enjoying work on your home together!! I know we get a lot of satisfaction out of tackling home projects together. It really makes a house feel like a home. I’m also enjoying being home and know that I’ll have a whole new sense of gratitude when we are free to come and go and see those that we love again.


    1. I agree – there were lots of things I took for granted before all of this happened, like shopping, going to restaurants and especially being able to visit my family. I will cherish my time with them, for sure. And you’re right, our house does feel even more like a home now that we’ve finished some of those big projects!


  3. I agree with everyone here. Trust in God, slow down, pray, enjoy the time and memories at home, be grateful for our blessings, and appreciate the little things in life!


  4. I am like you, I love being at home. I firmly believe God is in control and His message to the world is…..”slow down and appreciate all the little things life has to offer you.”


  5. Hi Whitney,
    Like you, I love being at home. Of course, I dislike the cause, but I’m content and grateful to be able to have a home in which to shelter. I can work from home, so that’s a blessing, too. I enjoy being home with my husband and children. I do get anxious at times, but gratitude to God gets me through.


  6. I’ve been reminded that life can change so quickly, God’s Word is an anchor during uncertainty, that simple joys like a walk in the sunshine are rich blessings, and that people are more important than any THING. Oh, and that FaceTime virtual visits are a great wonderful blessing when you can’t sit down face to face! =)


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