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Five Things on Friday {4.24.20}

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#1 We cleaned out the front landscaping, hauled loads of weeds and old mulch away and replaced it with fresh mulch. Paul and I both loathed this project but were happy to have it done! It looks a hundred times better!

#2 There is a giant camellia bush on the far side of the house (read how I discovered it years ago) that is currently blooming. You can’t see the bush unless you stand in the tiny space between our house and the neighbors, so I’ve  been using those flowers in little arrangements all over the house. I love free flowers that don’t require any work. Ha!

#3 I received the sweetest care package from my friend, Kristy, who has been reading the blog and following on Instagram for several years. She sent me some really lovely blue and white pieces, some fun planner stickers and goodies for Paul and the kitties! It was so thoughtful and it totally brightened my day.

#4 Our church sent out a “Date Night At Home” guide with some great questions to use during the date. We’ve actually worked through a few of them each night at supper, and it has been really fun to learn new things about each other. Our favorite section was “Would You Rather” with questions like “Would you rather not eat sweets for a week or not eat meat for a week? Go a week without showering or a week without brushing your teeth? Have more time or more money?”

You can access the PDF to the date night guide and questions here!

#5 Without a doubt, one of my favorite things about Quarantine Life is having extra time to cook and bake. I made a Banana Crumb Cake on Wednesday night and we’ve been enjoying it this week! This recipe is in one of my all time favorite cookbooks, Southern Plate. I used to make this crumb cake often when we were newlyweds and just one bite takes me back to those days. 🙂

In case you missed these posts from this week:

I hope you have a lovely weekend! Hang in there, friends. This won’t last forever. ❤


8 thoughts on “Five Things on Friday {4.24.20}

  1. I love the Date Night at Home idea your church sent you guys! I’m looking forward to checking it out this week with my husband, thanks for sharing!


  2. Care packages are the best!! I have one that I need to put in the mail for a friend who just had a baby. My parents have sent my kids a couple and it totally brightens their day, too. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Since doing a traditional date night with babysitters isn’t an option right now, you’ve got me thinking about how I could plan a fun date night at home right now.


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