My Simple Packing List for Travel

Here’s the simple thing that helps me not to forget things when I travel – a packing list that tells me everything I need! It’s simple because I have a basic list that I use any time I am gone overnight, whether it’s a quick trip to visit family or a week at Disney.

I have a list on my computer that I can print and then check the items off as I put them in my bag. I also uploaded it to Google Sheets so that I can access it and check items off the list from my phone!

My list is probably longer than yours would be (I’m definitely a high-maintenance traveler), but even a short list will help you to remember important things like contact solution.

To make this list, I thought through my morning and evening routines and wrote down everything I typically use when getting ready for the day and getting ready for bed. Then I thought through the other things like phone chargers, pillows or anything else I like to bring on a trip.

It’s so helpful to have a master list of items. If I decide I don’t need something on a particular trip, I just cross it off the list. There are blank spaces to write down anything extra I need to bring or things I want to do before I leave the house.

Several years ago I made one of these for my husband. It helps him remember what he needs, but it’s also helpful if I need to pack for him. This would also be great to help your kids learn how to pack on their own!

Packing from this list makes travel so much easier! I’m challenging you to set up your packing list before your next trip, and to make it easier I’ve created printable list to get you started. Click the image below to download and print the PDF! Fill it out with all your travel essentials and you’re set.

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2 thoughts on “My Simple Packing List for Travel

  1. Great idea – and I’m hoping a need to pack will actually happen sometime sooner rather than later:) Itching to go somewhere…anywhere!!


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