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5 on Friday: Favorite Headache Relief Methods

Tension headaches, migraines, sinus headaches, whatever form they take – they’re the worst. Whether you deal with constant headaches or the ones that accompany seasonal allergies and colds, it’s no fun.

I’ve experienced headaches most of my life for various reasons, and while I’m a big fan of medication (both over the counter and prescription), sometimes you just need something extra to ease the pain. Here are five of my favorite headache relief methods!

1 – Peppermint Essential Oil

I’m not oily or crunchy – I found this bottle at Dollar Tree! I like to put a little bit of this behind my ears, on my temples and even inside my nose. It’s amazing how much better I feel after breathing a little bit of peppermint oil. If you can’t find the roller bottle in Dollar Tree, look at Walgreens, CVS or on Amazon.

2 – Icy Hot

This is especially helpful for tension headaches. It’s much stronger than the peppermint oil and is very helpful on the neck and shoulders.

3 – Heating Pad

This is a less portable solution, but it’s great to use at home. I like to roll it up and put it behind my neck if I’m sitting up on the couch.

4 – Warm Washcloths

For sinus headaches, adding steam to the heat is always a good idea. I wring out a washcloth and microwave it for about 30 seconds. Be careful, it can be too hot at first. Holding that over your eyes or sinuses can really relieve the pain.

5 – Travel Pillow

If I have a migraine or severe tension headache, I cannot go to sleep without my travel pillow. I use it along with my regular pillows to relieve tension on my neck and shoulders. Mine came from TJ Maxx, but you can find them on Amazon or even Five Below.

Bonus: Snuggling with kitties always helps, too. 🙂

Share your headache relief tips with me in the comments – I want to know your secret remedies, too!

I hope that none of you need these pain relieving methods, but if you do, I hope that something I shared will help you!

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7 thoughts on “5 on Friday: Favorite Headache Relief Methods

  1. I have suffered with migraines for over 30 years now and I am not an oily or crunchy either, lol, but I do like Deep Blue rub by DoTerra as an extra something to help with the pain when the medication is not taking it away completely. Plus it has a calming effect on me. I put it on my forehead and it helps. And I use a travel pillow also with my regular pillow for neck support. Can’t sleep without it!


  2. I thought I would just share this for anyone who might need the encouragement… I suffered from debilitating migraines for YEARS…. I had an extremely rare type of migraine called a vestibular migraine. I would recommend if you are a chronic migraine sufferer, see a neurologist. I eventually was given a prescription (at no cost– because I had been on ALL…THE…THINGS…) for the newest line of migraine medicine… its miraculous. I think women especially think they just need to suffer with them…but, that’s not true. I’ve also found that exercise helps a lot to get those endorphins going…so if I have a more “slight” headache or a tension headache, I find that a brisk walk or working out for a little while, can really improve it!


    1. Great suggestions. Once a doctor told me to always drink a glass of water first in case you’re dehydrated…of course migraines are a whole different ballgame.

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