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Menu Monday + The Pepperoni Surplus {5.24.21}

A couple weeks ago I ended up with a huge package of deli pepperoni in my online grocery order. Since I hadn’t ordered it and wasn’t expecting to have 16 ounces of pepperoni on hand, I quickly rearranged my menu to use it up in the “7 days after opening” window.

I incorporated it into three different recipes – one for lunch and two for supper. Along with those dishes, I made one of Paul’s all time favorite recipes: chicken and dumplings. Between the pizza-heavy menu and the dumplings, he was pretty happy! 🙂

What’s the craziest substitute or extra item you’ve received in an online grocery order?

On The Menu



  • French Bread Pizzas (Bread + Pizza Sauce + Pepperoni + Parm, under the broiler under cheese melts!)
  • Leftovers


I hope you have a delicious week!

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4 thoughts on “Menu Monday + The Pepperoni Surplus {5.24.21}

  1. That pizza looks amazing! Restaurant quality 🙂 I bet it was a surprise to see that huge package of pepperoni in your order. One time for Walmart Grocery Pick Up I received a bag full of cosmetics – blush, moisturizer, lipstick, etc. When I called they said it was a mistake and just keep it. It was fun to try some new things.

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  2. What a surprise! The pizza looks delicious! 🙂 One time, I ordered three bags of off-brand frito chips ($2.31 total), but received three bags of name-brand frito chips ($9.84 total). What a price difference! I was only charged the $2.31!

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