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5 Things on Friday: Kitchen Favorites {10.15.21}

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Happy Friday! I have a fun roundup of favorites for you today – five things in my kitchen that I’m loving. They decrease in price as you go through the post, starting with a big appliance and ending with a sweet treat!

#1 New Range

I am not one to do research or really spend any time analyzing details for things like this. I just knew I wanted a flat top stove with quick boil and some kind of self clean feature for the oven. This one checked all the boxes!

I really like the quick boil feature – it’s just on one burner but it’s perfect for impatient people like me! I’m using it any time I want a pan or pot to get hot quickly. Which is like all the time.

#2 Toaster

The toaster we received almost 11 years ago as a shower gift had served us well and needed to be replaced. I really can’t believe it lasted that long – we eat a lot of toast! I replaced it with this stainless steel toaster from Walmart.

My favorite feature about this one is the “frozen bread” setting. I store a lot of our bread in the freezer so I can just pull out a slice or two at a time. It does a great job evenly toasting frozen bread in just a couple of minutes.

#3 Pioneer Woman 10 Inch Skillet

I am in love with this skillet! It’s nice and deep, which reduces splatter on the stove top – but I think it’s the color that I love the most. ๐Ÿ™‚

#4 Kitty Food Bowls

Instagram’s targeted marketing got me on this one! The angle of the bowls is supposed to reduce neck strain and keep them from getting sick after eating. So far I haven’t seen a huge improvement in the sickness but I do think it’s better for them overall.

I love how sleek and modern they look. Plus how cute are the little kitty silhouette shadows on the wall?

#5 A Nostalgic Treat!

I heard months ago that my local grocery store was going to start selling Clearly Canadian, and they finally came in stock! Back in the 90’s I used to order these at Olive Garden. The taste is pure nostalgia – and a pretty delicious one at that!

At my store you can purchase them individually, which is perfect. But I think you can get them in larger quantities at some World Market stores or maybe Walmart.

I hope you had a great week! Thanks for stopping by the blog today – I’ll see you back here on Monday!

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