Read The Bible With Me In 2022!

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Your servant will meditate on your statutes. Your testimonies are my delight; they are my counselors. (Psalm 119:23-24)

I am personally inviting you to join me in reading through the entire Bible in 2022! This will be the 5th year that I’ve set this goal and I’m more excited than ever to begin the journey.

If you’ve never read through the Bible in a year, would you consider joining me in 2022? You might be saying to yourself, “I can’t do that. I’ve tried before and I always get behind.” Or you might be saying “I can’t read that much every day. I like to study smaller passages and really digest them.”

Think about this for a minute. Stories are much less interesting when you don’t know the people involved. Imagine that the stranger you’re stuck in line with at the DMV begins to tell you about their neighbor’s house catching on fire.

“Jerry ran over to me and I told him to call Michelle. Michelle wasn’t home so we got in Nancy’s car and took them to the hospital.” You’re thinking, I’m sorry their house caught on fire but I have no idea who these people are, or even how they are related to this stranger telling me the story.

How different would this scenario be if your mom called to tell you that their house – your childhood home – caught on fire? The details of how everyone got out of the house would be much more urgent for you to know! Hearing that your cousin was one of the responding fire fighters would make you feel even better to know that your parents had familiar faces close by during a terrifying evening.

My point is this – you care more about the story when you know the people involved, how they are connected to each other, and how they are connected to you. I’ve found this to be true in reading the Bible as well.

I find my delight in your commandments, which I love. I will lift up my hands toward your commandments, which I love, and I will meditate on your statutes. (Psalm 119:47-48)

If you grew up in church or in a Christian home, you probably learned about the individual characters of the Bible in pieces. There’s not anything wrong with that – you have to learn it bit by bit as a child.

As adults, I believe it’s important for us to learn how those characters fit together. These stories are not random tales of various people – they are all part of the Gospel story which points to Jesus. Spending time every day in God’s Word reminding yourself of the gospel and looking for Jesus will have profound results in your life. It has for me.

You may not come away every day with an application point such as “This person did ______, so I should do _______ today.” And you know what? That’s probably a good thing.

I’ve come to view the Bible in a different way over the last few years. You could say I’ve experienced a much healthier spiritual life by digesting the full meal of the Scriptures instead of just snacking on the appetizers.

Want to join me in reading the Bible in 2022?

In 2022 I will be following The Bible Recap plan. This is a truly chronological plan, so we’ll read straight through the Old Testament from Creation to the years of silence, pick up in the Gospels and move through to Revelation.

I would love for you to join me and read along with me in 2022! Click here to join my group in the Bible app. There’s no interaction in this group or things you have to do – but I’ve found that it’s good to have the accountability of being in a group as I read.

With the Bible app, I like to listen to the Scriptures being read audibly. You can also just read it through the app or use the daily guide as a reference for following along in your Bible. I prefer to read using either the ESV or CSB versions, if you’re curious.

There are a few resources that I will be using to aid my understanding as I read:

  • The Bible Recap podcast: a 7 (ish) minute podcast – I listened to some of these with my reading this year and enjoyed it so much. It corresponds to each day’s reading.
  • The Bible Recap book: This is a condensed version of the podcast, with a 2-page spread for each day’s reading. It’s nice to have for reference or if you’re not a fan of podcasts.
  • The Bible Project YouTube videos: These are super helpful to watch before beginning a new book of the Bible. They kind of give the who, what, when and where for each book. I don’t agree with every aspect of their theology (particularly in reference to the end times), so keep that in mind as you listen.

Please don’t let this list overwhelm you! I’ve read the Bible in a year several times without any of these tools and was deeply enriched and helped. I would actually recommend that you don’t use any of these tools on your first trip through the entire Bible. Just read the Bible. You’re not going to understand it all, but that is okay.

If a straight-through plan sounds a little heavy for you, I highly recommend using the YouVersion Bible In a Year Plan: This one walks through the OT chronologically (mostly), but gives you chapters from the Old and New Testaments each day, along with a chapter of Psalms or Proverbs. I’ve read this plan 4 times and absolutely love it.

Don’t overload yourself with an impossible goal. Just read the Bible. It will change your life.

More than anything, ask God to give you a love for his word. You may want to choose a few verses from Psalm 119 that you pray each day. He will delight to answer your request!

—> Click here to join my group in the Bible app!

Great peace have those who love your law; nothing can make them stumble. (Psalm 119:165)

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4 thoughts on “Read The Bible With Me In 2022!

  1. So I joined your challenge last year, and actually got The Bible Recap book for Christmas! Although I didn’t finish the whole reading plan last year, I read so much more of the Bible than I have ever read! Thank you for sharing this challenge every year and encouraging us to read the Bible.


    1. I love hearing that, Emily! Reading the Bible is always a rewarding accomplishment, no matter how much of a plan you’re able to complete. I’m excited to go through TBR plan with you this year! ❤


  2. Thanks for being so inviting, Whitney! I just downloaded the app and found the reading schedule. That idea of listening to the audio track helps so much! Thanks for sharing how reading the entire Bible in a year has helped you. In excited to experience it myself!


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