Time Management

How To Be On Time

Several weeks ago I shared a blog post with 3 reasons you are always late, and gave tips on how to combat those things. Ironically, the week that post went live, I struggled to get out the door on time every morning. I was never late for anything, but I arrived frazzled and a little worn out from rushing around all morning.

It’s really important to me, especially as an employee, that I am punctual and reliable. That meant I had to implement some changes to help myself get back on track. Here are a few things I did that were helpful in the following weeks.

Clocks: I am on a mission to have clocks in every room of the house. This helps me to always know what time it is, even if my phone isn’t in my hand. Those of you who are my age or younger probably aren’t used to relying on clocks to tell the time – we usually just look at the nearest device. Having a clock on the wall in my bathroom has been so helpful!

Sticking to my schedule: I have a carefully tuned morning schedule that helps me to know what I should be doing in 15 minute increments. If I allow myself to linger at my desk a few minutes past 7:00 AM, I will feel it when I’m trying to get out the door at 8:25 AM. Now I make myself stick to the schedule or even try to beat the clock by finishing each time block a few minutes early.

Setting things out: Those basic things like choosing my outfit and packing my lunch the night before make such a difference. I try to convince myself every night that I don’t have to worry about, but I’m always sorry if I fall for that lie!

Makeup routine: After working from home most of January, I realized that I was in the habit of taking my time with makeup application. On the weekends I have fun trying new eye shadow/blush/lipstick combos, but on the week days I decided to choose one neutral look that I use all week. Limiting myself to one eye palette and two blushes (in addition the rest of my face makeup which doesn’t change from day to day) saves so much time!

Those are some specific things that work well for me. You might need to tighten up other areas of your life that are keeping you from arriving at your appointments or engagements on time.

Eliminating distractions, planning ahead and simplifying your routine all go a long way toward getting you out the door on time!

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