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A Surprising Look At My Summer Bucket List {2017}

There's one thing about having an internet presence (no matter how small) - once something is out there, you really can't take it back. Posting your summer goals on the internet is definitely more public than posting them on your refrigerator. I really dreaded the task of revisiting this summer's goals - there were several… Continue reading A Surprising Look At My Summer Bucket List {2017}

Enjoying The Journey · Time Management

My Summer Bucket List {2017}

I've said it before - summer is my least favorite season. When the end of May rolls around I find myself bracing for the heat, staying indoors as much as possible and counting the days until November when itโ€™s cool again. There's always something to be grateful for, and I'm grateful for air conditioning! :)… Continue reading My Summer Bucket List {2017}

Friday Favorites

5 Things on Friday {6.3.16}

1// Happy International Doughnut Day! I'm looking forward to picking up my free doughnut at the grocery store today...instead of glancing longingly at them as I pass the bakery cases (that's basically a weekly occurrence since I shop in the late afternoon). My favorite doughnut of all time is a glazed hot one right off… Continue reading 5 Things on Friday {6.3.16}