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5 Things on Friday {6.3.16}

[International Doughnut Day 2015]
[International Doughnut Day 2015]
1// Happy International Doughnut Day! I’m looking forward to picking up my free doughnut at the grocery store today…instead of glancing longingly at them as I pass the bakery cases (that’s basically a weekly occurrence since I shop in the late afternoon). My favorite doughnut of all time is a glazed hot one right off the conveyor belt at Krispy Kreme, but I’ll take a chocolate glazed creme filled doughnut from the bakery. 🙂

2// I crossed the first item off my Summer Bucket List this week! I found some beautiful strawberries at Aldi and turned them into 12 jars of freezer jam. Not only is this homemade jam SO much better than store bought, it cost me less than $.71/jar to make it!

3// It was a good week in the kitchen! On Saturday I successfully made burgers for the first time in years. Last night I tried a new recipe for my “Recipes We Tried And Loved” series, and it was a success! I’ll share that recipe at the end of the month. 🙂

4// Paul is back on Instagram! He randomly gets on social media about twice a year, and I guess he felt it was time to give Instagram a shot. He’s whitneys_man if you want to follow him. Maybe he’ll actually post a picture this weekend!

5// Another YouTube channel I enjoy is The Domestic Geek. She shares great recipes and do-ahead menu plans, many of which can be made vegan or vegetarian. Her recent video featuring 5 Iced Coffee Hacks is perfect for this time of year!

Here’s my question for you – since today is International Doughnut Day, what is your favorite kind of doughnut? Are you a Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Donuts or local doughnut shop fan?

That’s it for me! Have a lovely weekend!

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18 thoughts on “5 Things on Friday {6.3.16}

  1. I never really cared for donuts until I was pregnant with Olive. Then I wanted all the donuts and the love for donuts has never gone away. My favorite is a cake donut with chocolate icing and sprinkles. Glad you got to enjoy a free donut. Your freezer jam sounds delicious. I think my family would enjoy it, but the whole idea of it is intimidating to me because I’ve never made jam before.


  2. LOVED your tablescape! So patriotic! I am glad that your recipes have been working out this week. I tried a new one tonight and it was terrible! Ha ha! I am still getting used to my Mother-In-Law’s oven. It seems to run much hotter than mine. I hope you have a lovely week!


  3. I totally missed out on Doughnut Day! I mostly avoid the doughnut case, but every now and then I’ll give in. Krispy Kreme has tasty cream-filled rolls, and I also like their pumpkin spice doughnuts in the fall. Our Casey’s gas stations have delicious chocolate doughnuts with chocolate frosting. When I was little, doughnut holes were my favorite. Now they come in so many flavors – blueberry, cherry, etc. Yum!

    Summer burgers on the grill are so good! I bought new charcoal and lighter fluid last year, but the grill never got fired up. That’s on my summer bucket list for 2016!


  4. Love Krispy Kreme!! But then I’ve never turned down a doughnut! I like plain glazed, maple long john or even a plain cake doughnut. They are just all good! We are excited for warmer temperatures here! We use the grill year round but there’s nothing like a nice summer day and good stuff on the grill. My favorite is to do meat and vegetables grilled and no clean up!


  5. I’m usually a chocolate glazed cake donut kind of gal, but I do love a fresh Krispy Kreme right off the line. But the closest one is an hour & a half away. It just doesn’t seem fair.

    Happy Friday! #H54F


  6. Donut day is today?!?! Oh goodness I am usually so on top of things like this :). To bad we don’t have any big chain stores around here to get free donuts at. Happy Friday!


      1. Come on!! I have a guest suite. You could visit Gomer’s hometown of Sylacauga or you could take in a race at Telladega. I am hoping we get to Brevard this fall to visit family so I can meet up with you!!

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