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Valentine’s Day Decor {Cozy and Neutral}

I've always loved decorating for Valentine's Day - even as a child I remember setting out pink and purple accents in my room! Over the years I've moved away from the pink and purple, but I still enjoy working in a few bits of Valentine's Day love into my decor. This year I really tried… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Decor {Cozy and Neutral}

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My Top 5 TV and Movie Romances!

Happy Valentines Day! I came up with a fun twist on my usual H54F the spirit of Valentines Day, I am bringing you my top 5 TV and movie romances of all time!  Grab a box of kleenex and get ready to sigh with me... #5 Westley & Buttercup Westley: I told you I would always come for… Continue reading My Top 5 TV and Movie Romances!

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Valentines Day Gift Guide for your Man!

Happy Monday, lovies! Valentines Day is only eleven days away! I love this holiday SO much. My husband dated quite a few girls in his heyday (ahem), but I was the only girlfriend he had on Valentines Day. This is "our" holiday and I love making it special for my amazing husband. I was really… Continue reading Valentines Day Gift Guide for your Man!