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Christmas Gift Wrapping Station

christmas gift wrapping station via come home for comfort

Can you believe there’s only a little over a week until Christmas?! This week will likely be filled with last minute shopping, baking, partying….and don’t forget to wrap your presents! I have all of my shopping done, but I have a few things still coming in the mail. I needed to start on my gift wrapping so I’m ready when my sister and I celebrate Christmas with our men on Thursday night, but I hate dragging all the wrapping elements out and having to put them back several times before Christmas. So….I set up a Christmas gift wrapping station! I love this because everything is accessible when I (or someone else in my house) need to wrap a gift, but it looks neat and organized.

christmas gift wrapping station come home for comfort 3

I lifted the sides on my tea cart to give me the most space for all the things I needed. I really like using this tea cart because the bottom shelf is perfect for storing all the rolls of wrapping paper! They don’t get wrinkled or come unrolled down there. I grabbed some of my Christmas mugs to hold pens, scissors, tape, name tags and extra ribbon. Β This year I’m trying to use up some paper and ribbon that I’ve accumulated over the past couple years, so it’s a bit of a hodge podge. πŸ™‚ I set up the card table as the space where I’ll wrap my gifts.

christmas gift wrapping station come home for comfort 2

christmas gift wrapping station come home for comfort
photo bomb: peggy

It would be great to set up this “gift wrapping station” in an extra room or basement. If you have smaller children, you could set out gift bags and tissue so they can easily wrap gifts on their own. I’m pretty sure some husbands would appreciate having gift bags easily accessible as well. πŸ™‚ If you’re able to set up your station in an out of the way place, it could be left up until the last Christmas Eve purchase has been made!

Have you ever set up a gift wrapping station?

Every year before I start wrapping gifts, I click over to Myra’s gift wrapping tutorial. She has some great tips that make wrapping presents and tying beautiful bows so much easier!

wrapped gifts come home for comfort

peggy come home for comfort


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