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Organizing and Storing Christmas Decorations

organizing and storing christmas decorations come home for comfort

All of my Christmas lovelies have been boxed up and stored until December! I threw away the pitiful old boxes I’ve been carting around since 2006 and purchased new Sterilite tubs for all my decor this year. I keep the Christmas decor in our utility room off the carport which isn’t temperature-controlled, so I wanted to protect it from the heat and humidity as much as possible. I wrap fragile things in my Christmas linens (dish towels, etc.) or keep them in their original boxes.

organized christmas decor come home for comfortI put a post it note on the inside of the container and taped it down. I just listed the major contents of the box, in case I want to decorate in stages next year and not pull out all the boxes at once.

labeled christmas decor boxes l come home for comfort

And of course, before I box up everything, I make sure to pull out anything I don’t want anymore and set it aside. I’m always adding to my Christmas decor with after-Christmas clearance sales, so getting rid of a few older or tacky things never hurts!

Visit my post on Organizing And Storing Christmas  Gift Wrap for all the details on how I do that – here’s a sneak peek of my system:

Organizing and storing Christmas gift wrap via

Have you put your Christmas decor away for the year?

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