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Easter Sunday Menu

Can you believe this Sunday is Easter? I love Easter Sunday – singing about the resurrection gives me such hope and joy. Jesus lives to give us abundant life!

Of course I’m also planning my menu for Sunday dinner, and I’m already getting hungry! If you need a little inspiration for your menu, here are the recipes I plan to use. I am having mostly standard Southern fare, with a few twists.

Easter Sunday Menu

Roasted Chicken

I love roasted chicken, and it’s the perfect dish to leave in the oven during church. However – to be completely honest – I might send my husband to KFC for a bucket of fried chicken. It’s just so good, and then I’ll have plenty of time to work on the side dishes.

Shortcut Tater Salad

I love this recipe! It is truly a shortcut and saves so much time!

Deviled Eggs

I try to use lower fat mayo with deviled eggs. It doesn’t change the taste, at least to me.


Texas Roadhouse has the best green beans! These are pretty simple to make, and could be made the day before and reheated before you serve them.

Cherry Fluff Jello Salad

I made this jello salad last Easter. Why I waited this long to make it again is beyond me! It’s so simple and delicious.

My mom can effortlessly produce fluffy yeast rolls from her oven, but I just don’t have that gift. Hawaiian rolls will be on my Easter table!

Dessert hasn’t made its way to my menu just yet. What are you serving for Easter Sunday dessert? I need some inspiration on this one!

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I’m linking up with Southern Plate for her Easter Roundup!


10 thoughts on “Easter Sunday Menu

  1. Hi Whitney! I follow you girls(your blogs) everyday – such a blessing..thought I’d share mine..Banana Split Cake & Coconut Cream Pie w/ coconut pie crust – (Coconut going on in MI too! 🙂


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