How to Organize Old Photos

How to Organize Old Photos

Do you have a box full of old photo albums sitting around somewhere? While I like to be organized, I’m not a minimalist. I have cards, notes and pictures from early in my childhood that I could never bear to part with. I love my pictures, but I don’t have room to store 15 photo albums.

I’ve heard other organizing gurus talk about storing photos in an index card box, and I thought I’d give that a shot. Here’s how I paired down and organized my photo collection!

sorting pictures

First, I went through all the albums and pulled out the pictures I wanted to keep. Then, I sorted them by category.

Photo Categories

I always like to use what I have on hand, so I grabbed some index cards to use as dividers. My new label maker came in handy and gave me perfectly uniform labels. Love!

photo organization

This box holds a lot of pictures, and I have plenty of room to add more. Leaving room to grow is key in organization.

How do you organize your old photos?


10 thoughts on “How to Organize Old Photos

  1. I organized mine (over 50 years worth) by putting them in scrapbooks. First, I cropped some, discarded some and then did them, adding cutouts from the years of greeting cards I have received. I didn’t spend much money on the many beautiful things they have for scrapbooking, but was resourceful by using the beautiful greeting cards. I have some (14) lovely books, that are fun to page through, with appropriate cutouts, very nice. I do have them stored in the library in the bottom shelf of a bookcase


  2. I just want to know whose picture is filed under the category of “old family.” Please tell me my picture is not in that file 🙂


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