How to Pack For Vacation (and not forget anything!)

How to Pack for Vacation (and not forget anything)We’ve all been there. You’re halfway to the beach, and suddenly panic grips your heart. Did I pack my bathing suit?!! There’s nothing like spending your vacation wearing an ill-fitting $19.98 bathing suit from Walmart when your perfect makes-me-look-skinnier-than-I-am bathing suit is back at home.

I’ve certainly been known to forget things when travelling. Growing up, I had my mom and my sister to fall back on. I forgot all of my clothes one Thanksgiving and ended up re-wearing all my mom’s outfits. Now that I’m married to someone who’s 14 inches taller than me, there’s very little I can borrow from him. Ha. I figured I’d better get my act together! Here are my tips on how to pack for vacation – and not forget anything!

  • Decide how many outfits you need for the entire trip. Don’t forget things like travel clothes, lounge or pool wear, and a nicer outfit if you’re going out to dinner or attending church.
  • Lay the outfits on the bed in the order you’ll be wearing them.
  • Add to those outfits everything you need to complete them – undergarments, shoes and accessories (jewelry, belts, etc.).

packing for vacation

Once you’ve gathered all the things you need, pack everything for travel. Make a list for the things you can’t pack right then (toothbrush, phone charger, etc.). For toiletries, I like to pack everything immediately after I use it in the morning. That helps me remember all the things I use in my morning routine.

My husband prefers to pack his own suitcase, so I made a template listing all the standard things he needs. Each trip I simply print out a new one for him to use.

How do you make sure you remember everything you need when traveling? Do you have any fun travel plans this summer? I’d love to hear about them!

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5 thoughts on “How to Pack For Vacation (and not forget anything!)

  1. This blog reminds me of your Aunt Sharee, when she was ten years old. We were packing for a vacation, and she didn’t want to put her things in the suitcase, because she was OCD even then, and wanted things pert and wrinkle free. So, I told her okay, but I’m not responsible for them, you have to see that they get to the car and hang them up however you’d like. Well, she left all the outfits on hangers on the doorknob of her bedroom. Yes, we had to buy her outfits for the duration. There was no Walmart back then, but we found a dollar store pretty quick.


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