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My Cozy Drop Space

drop space cover

I love having a place right inside the door where we can drop our keys, mail and sunglasses as soon as we enter the house. Hence the name, “drop space.” I created this cozy area next to the carport door and I’m in love with it!

 drop space

The light from the lamp really warms up the corner, and it’s great to leave on if we’ll be coming home after dark. My key/mail organizer is actually the tray that my silverware came in! That’s our secret, so don’t tell anyone. 🙂 I put my keys on the left side, Paul puts his on the right side – and we don’t grab the wrong set of keys on our way out the door! The slots in the back are perfect for holding outgoing mail.

drop space 3

I put a tiny piece of sticky tack under each of the four legs on my key/mail organizer to keep it from sliding around on the table. That stuff is my best friend in decorating and organizing!

Thanks to the lovely lady behind RefreshHer, for consulting on the picture placement this project. 🙂


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