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How To Create A Functional Command Center


My home is always a work in progress. As my tastes change, the colors and decor in the house usually change with it. As our needs and daily schedules change, the functionality of our home should also change with it. I’ve always had a drop zone type station by our door for keys and shoes, but I noticed that it wasn’t working as well as I would like. Before I made any changes, I thought about what I wanted this space to accomplish:

  • a place to drop our keys & sunglasses when we come in the door
  • a place for outgoing papers and mail that doesn’t look messy
  • a place to store shoes and umbrellas
  • a cozy and inviting first impression for anyone who comes through the door (family or guests)

Here’s how it turned out:



Lamp Base: Walmart / Home Sign: Target / Plant & Container: Ikea



Often in the evenings or if I’m having company, I’ll light a candle and place it there as well. I love to have a nice fragrance greet my guests and family when they come in the door. Right now I don’t have one that matches the color scheme, so I left it out of the pictures. #honesty πŸ™‚

When we bring mail into the house, it immediately goes to the mini kitchen office.Β This area is for outgoing mail only.

If you have an area in your home that’s often cluttered or just isn’t functioning properly, think about what you want the space to do for you and go from there. Shop your house (and maybe the dollar section at Target) for a few things to give it new life!

You can see how I originally decorated this area here.




17 thoughts on “How To Create A Functional Command Center

  1. You’re lucky to have space for a table right by the door. That works well! The lamp shade is so cute, and I like the white box/tray (reminds me of similar ones I have on my dresser for makeup/jewelry). The possibilities are endless for those types of things! πŸ™‚ I’m working on ways to better organize several areas, including the recyclable paper bin near the front door. I need to find a cute basket instead of the current cardboard box.


  2. So simple and practical. I was just thinking I need to make sure I consider a spot for this in our new home. Our current home is pretty cramped for a space like this.


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