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What To Do While You’re Single

What To Do While You're Single

I didn’t date very much in college, and I wasn’t in a serious relationship until I’d been on my own for three years. Most of those three years could be considered bleak – in regards to the prospect of finding anyone to marry.


Those three years were some of the best of my life. I know, I’m married now, so it’s easy to say that. I wasn’t on a 12 year dateless streak looking 35 in the the mirror. My story has a happy ending.

So can yours.

I firmly believe that God is in control of every aspect of our lives. I also believe that our enjoyment of those aspects is entirely determined by our choices. I set out out to enjoy being single, and I did just that.

I worked a pretty busy job, but one that I enjoyed. It gave me enough wiggle room in my budget that I could shop and eat out every now and then…and I guessed that I probably wouldn’t have that much “fun” money as a married woman or the liberty to spend all my extra cash as I wished. I chose to enjoy having some spending money, free evenings and limitless energy (where did that go?!).

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to share three things to do while you’re single. It’s not a magic formula for finding Mr. Right, although it might help get you on the right track toward that destination. If you’re single, I hope these things will encourage and help you!

One more thing – if you’re single and feeling discouraged, I feel for you. I would love for you to contact me directly so that I can pray with you in this season of your life.

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