How To Wear Infinity Scarves – Without All The Bulk!

April is about the only month that I can wear summer scarves. Once May hits, it will be too hot and sticky to last more than 15 minutes with anything around my neck! I love infinity scarves, but I find that sometimes they look a little bulky. Here’s my favorite way to wear an infinity scarf – it looks like it has been tied, and this method reduces all the bulk!

How to wear infinity scarves without all the bulk via ComeHomeForComfort

How to wear infinity scarves without all the bulkiness via

Click here to watch me do this in less than ten seconds on Instagram!

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14 thoughts on “How To Wear Infinity Scarves – Without All The Bulk!

  1. I actually discovered this by accident recently when I was wearing an infinity scarf that would slide around too much. The extra twist prevents the 2 loops from sliding and separating. Thanks for posting this!!


  2. When your mom was out in California for our women’s retreat, I noticed her scarf done like this one of the sessions. I thought it was the coolest thing but thought maybe it was made that way. Now I know the awesome [super easy] secret! Love it!


  3. I love this idea!! I’ve never even thought to wear my infinity scarves this way. I appreciate that this style cuts down on the bulk and adds interest with an extra twist. I really enjoy infinity scarves so I can’t wait to give the “Whitney Method” a try 🙂


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