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This Time Last Year – April

Writing a blog is much like keeping a journal. I love to go back and look at what I wrote this time last year – I especially love re-reading my High Five For Friday posts. I forget about so many of the fun little things I enjoyed along the way.

While looking back through last April’s posts, I found a few I thought were worth sharing again! 

Frugal Springtime Date Night Ideas

How to Help The Homeless


Cupboard Pantry 7


If you don’t have a blog or journal to look back on, scroll through your Instagram or Facebook feed from last year (the Timehop app is great for that). You might be surprised at how many of the little things you forgot!

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4 thoughts on “This Time Last Year – April

  1. I love the idea of using those removable wire kitchen shelves to maximize your cabinet space. Our current house doesn’t have a pantry so I use a large cabinet. My cabinets are also very tall so I have those metal shelves in several to make the most of my space. I just recently took inventory of our canned goods and other ingredients and am trying hard to make dinners based on them for a little pantry spring cleaning.


  2. Whitney – I tried making your garlic green beans last night and they are wonderful. They taste like the ones you get on a Chinese buffet and I love those. I was able to find the green beans at Aldi’s. Thanks for that great recipe.


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